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A Sick Man Burn Cat Alive

Pontianak. I was very angry and shocked very seriously when I saw some videos on YouTube which I might find very disturbing. I was sure of other rational people will have the same feeling that the video is not appropriate, disturbing and viewer discretion is advised. 

A video of a man burning cat alive viewed by thousand of people around the world.

I have watched some relate videos with the same keyword and shocking me tough when searching results were so many and the video listed  I have viewed is the most cruel and barbaric one.  A 
heartless man burning animal alive just like that?  I was very sad, angry and condemn the action.

The man , which I cannot identify where he was coming from cause its blurry video, hanging the cat and setting it on fire. When the cat is burning, the man is laughing as he was proud of doing it.  I was not sure who was the people filmed it and published on the you Tube

Another video that is also very disgusting is a kitten being doused in a small can with petrol and set on fire.  I was really angry too with this disturbing one.

Some comments are from Indonesian viewers, and most of those comments on the footage video which expressing their disgust feeling, and hate speechs and condemn the barbaric people who burned the cat alive.

I was very sad, and angry.  I asked any animal welfare campaigners and animal protection community to investigate the video, arrest the man on the video for abusing and torturing animal in purpose.  (From many resources)

BURNING CAT : This image is not meant to glorify violence. This one is part of the scenes  contains  that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.  Video courtesy from Youtube

The sickening video showed a man burn cat alive.  Video courtesy from You Tube.

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