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Welcome To West Kalimantan

Mr Alex, number two from right
Mr Alex, number two from right

Hello world
Hello travellers all across the globe

Do you have any plan to visit West Kalimantan by the end of 2016?  Or do you have any plan to visit Pontianak, the capital city of West Kalimantan , Indonesia next year? 

I have a very awesome and professional and experience tour guide ready to be with you anytime.  His name is Mr Alex Afdhall.  He is also  a chairperson and organizes Borneo Access Adventurer company.

are the only travel agency that serve multy-days activities from a simple full day tour up to the off the bitten track crossing Borneo Island.  Borneo Access Adventurer.

It is a tour operator that serves tour and Adventure activities managed owned by Alex Afdhal, a knowledgeable person as an active tourist guide of 16 years experienced.

It Bases in Borneo’s Western Port City and of Pontianak. It specializes in organizing and leading guided tours throughout the wilds of the island. It offer visitors first hand access to both pristine jungle wilderness and numerous indigenous villages in Borneo, Indonesia or Kalimantan, Indonesian.

Lacking a large tourist infrastructure, Borneo Access Adventure gives visitors the rare opportunity to experience both nature and local communities at their own pace, with their own schedule and on their own budget, in Borneo Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Borneo Access Adventure is the only access for those seeking wildlife, Kalimantan’s raw wilderness that offers numerous possibilities. With protected orangutan sanctuaries and large swaths of virgin rainforests teaming with life, Borneo Kalimantan, Indonesian is a nature enthusiast’s paradise.

Dr. Roth Michel (French) compares Borneo Indonesia with other places, he has visited in 2006 and he says;“It was great, with smalls trecks in forests near volcanos, but less magic than travelling in Borneo with you. Thanks again for every things you managed for us, with your experience and your friends. We'll never forget that.”

About tourist guide look like Borneo Access Adventure, Jacob Thomas (USA) says;“Alex is a tourist guide and tour operator who is truly concerned for the environment and indigenous people of Borneo.

Certainly he is off the beaten backpacker path, but he can introduce you to far more authentic and less commercialistic communities than you would encounter on the Malaysian side. For those who are serious about knowing and understanding the true beauty of this island, they must speak to this man first.”

For your comfortably request, David Garza and Gustavo Zaera did as follows. “Alex, I’m interested in coming there in September, after the 9th - do you have any trips planned for then? I would like to go on a 17 day trip - can I fly from Manila to Borneo?

Of course, 16 experiences and good network with many working partners make Borneo Access Adventure mature in conducting tour and Adventures.For those interested in cultural matters, Kalimantan affords the opportunity to visit traditional communities rarely visited by the outside world. And Borneo Access Adventure is the right tour operator that able to make your dream comes true.

This alone separates from other travel destinations, including even any side of Borneo Island. Treks into the heartland allow visitors to experience the culture of local life and customs of its inhabitants in a manner not found anywhere else on earth.

With an island wide network of local connections Borneo Access Adventure is able to custom tailor tours for its travel companions. These tours can range from simple overnight visits to a traditional Dayak Longhouse, to multi day treks through virgin rainforest all the way up to full, month long, coast to coast adventures across Borneo.

The first tour program that I would like to introduce to all of you, fabulous travellers all across the world is about 6 Hours Pontianak Sightseeing.  Please find them out in advance.

Or you mau select another tour programs?
Check this out please

Please contact Mr Alex Afdhal at

Jl. Imam Bonjol/Jl. Tanjung Harapan
Gg. H. D. Usman Rt. 3, Rw. 2, No. 46
Pontianak 78124
Phone : +62 812 5768066 (mobile)
Email : or


  1. This story of Kalimantan
    Make my heart want go there :)

  2. welcome to the kapuas #ehhh

  3. belum pernah sama sekali ke kalimantan nih... semoga suatu saat saya bisa mengunjungi kalimantan :)


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