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SENTARUM LAKE Kalimantan Fishing Maniac

Tour Guide Mr Alex Afdhall

Video courtesy Alex Afdhall
Video courtesy Alex Afdhall

Danau Sentarum, Sentarum Lake is the biggest lake in Borneo Island, It is situated in Western Klimantan, It is about 600km North East to Pontianak. Accessible by traditional Boat 4 days 3 night of 12 hours by bus, or 1:45 minutes by air from Pontianak.

It offers cultural visit as well beside the unique nature.Visitig fish farmer in Selimbau and Leboyan Vilage, and Honey farmers in Semangit and Lanjak Village.The nature presents huge beautiful scenery of the Sentarum lake, namely during the floating season.Only Borneo Access Adventurer can make your dream Comes true.Borneo Access Adventurer.


Alex Feel free to contact at +62 822 5500 3338/+62 812 5768066 (mobile) or email at: or
Office: Jl. Imam Bonjol, Jl. Tanjung Harapan, Gg. H. D. Usman. No. 46 Pontianak, 78124, on Google Earth: Latitude -0.046855°, Longitude 109.350436°

Consult: “Lonely Planet Indonesia the 7th edition 2003, p. 673, the 8th edition 2006, p. 610, and the Lonely Planet Borneo edition 2007, p. 237.” The Rough Guide to Southeast Asia on a budget, 1st edition, Nov., 2008, p.373

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