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How To Make Significant Earnings From Chitika

There are many ways of earning money online nowadays.  Hundreds of way to make money from Internet such as paid surveys, PTC (Paid To Click) programs , writing competition , guest posts, and most of all, and the best of all of them, through adsense programs.  

Google Adsense?  How about that? Well since the Google Adsense is now quite hard to achieve both earning and registering, now you could have used another such adsense programs outside of the Google Adsense both local and overseas adsense systems.  The question may arise is "How To Make Significant Earnings From Your Blog"?    CHITIKA , one of the best adsense programs which  internationally recognized is giving you some good tips on how to maximize your earnings from your blog.  Check it out

You need at least a couple of thousand impressions per week to earn significant earnings. As your site gets more popular, it gets on the whitelists of more and more advertisers - thus resulting in better ad campaigns and higher eCPMs. If your site has very low traffic, most bidders might avoid bidding on your ads altogether as they need to see enough traffic to understand your site's quality. Your sites have good scale of traffic. Continue to work on scaling your traffic (Disclaimer: Chitika is not affiliated with Wordstream).

The United States is the most evolved ad market in the world usually having the highest eCPM. Moreover, Chitika's partners tend to be stronger in the United States. If most of your traffic comes from outside the United States, Chitika would not be a good option for you since effective earnings per 1000 ad requests may be lower. 

Maxiimize your blogging activity to earn money at the same time. ANyone can do it everywhere every time.  Photo Asep Haryono
Maxiimize your blogging activity to earn money at the same time. ANyone can do it everywhere every time.  Photo Asep Haryono

For example if only 1.83% of your traffic is from US and Canada. If there is any way you can increase your US traffic, that would really increase your earnings. Here is a useful resource from Shoutmeloud to drive more country-specific traffic (Disclaimer: Chitika is not affiliated with Shoutmeloud).

When advertisers pay money to show ads on your site, they want to make sure that the ads are actually being viewed by real users. To do this, Chitika uses technology that measures ads that came within the viewing screen of the user. This is reflected in your reports as "Active View Viewable". You can read more about Viewability in this Support Article. Your ads have good viewability. This means that over time, advertisers will consider this as a good quality signal for your site.

To maintain the quality of the ads that are being put up for auction, Chitika has implemented several systems to filter the ad requests from your site. This is done to protect bad ad requests that originate from your site (for example: bots that scrape your site).

As bad ad requests get filtered out, only better ad requests go for auction - thus increasing the perceived quality of your site in the eyes of the advertisers bidding on your site. Your block rate is good. This means that not much of your traffic is getting pre-filtered before it goes up for auction. No action is needed on your part.

Once your domain is approved, advertisers start bidding on the ad requests coming from your site. If you see a lot of "No Bids", it could be because advertisers are choosing not to bid on your site. When such a situation occurs, non paying public service ads are shown and you accumulate no earnings.  If you have a 'Bid Rate' of about 20.72%, for example, and this is pretty low and you should try and fix the most common reasons listed below. If you are unable to rectify the issues listed below, Chitika wont be an efficient earnings option for you. The most common reasons are:

  1. Your site is tiny (less than 1000 impressions per day) and so it does not get on Whitelists of most advertisers. 
  2. You get a lot of International traffic where the Chitika system has no demand. 
  3. You use free hosting providers like Blogspot/Tumblr, which are avoided by most advertisers.  For example  yourname(dont)blogspot(dont)co(dot)id ?

Most advertisers avoid domains hosted on free hosting providers like Blogspot, Tumblr, Wordpress, etc. Even though your domain might be a high quality domain, most of the free providers are home to a vast ocean of spam and low-quality sites. Due to this, the largest advertisers choose to avoid the entire domain (e.g.

Chitika ad code supports secure ad serving through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on all pages, including Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) pages. This means that publishers with secure sites, (that is: sites that are served over the HTTPS protocol), can use Chitika ad code to serve SSL-compliant ads.

Note that the ad code works automatically with both HTTP and HTTPS sites. So you can use the same ad code if you run both secure and non-secure versions of your site.

How to use the SSL-compatible ad code

  1. If you generated Chitika ad tags within the last 2 years, you are all set and the ad tags you have will automatically detect HTTP and HTTPS. No action is needed on your part.
  2. If you generated Chitika ad tags more than 2 years ago, you should login to your Chitika account and generate new ad tags.

Are you ready to earn money from your blog? If you are , you may now choose CHITIKA is a good resource of earning money directly from your path. No further action is needed on your part.  Once if your domain was approved, then your ad requests from your domain will now automatically start getting auctioned in real time and advertisers will eventually be bidding on them. If you have other websites besides the one listed , please make sure you implement the ad code on those websites too.


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