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Crossing Borneo Island Overland, Putusibau

About  Borneo Access Adventure. What is Borneo Access Adventure? We are tour operator that serve mostly adventurer owned by Alex Afdhal, Chairperson of Indonesian Tourist Guide Association of West Borneo Chapter. He is active tourist guide since 1994 with good networking to all entire Borneo Kalimantan, and other Islands of Indonesia.

It services simply a single day tour up to the multi-days activity (21 days Jungle trekking, Crossing the Thickest Jungle of Borneo Island, in Kalimantan.He is whose name stated in as stated in “Lonely Planet Indonesia the 7th edition 2003, p. 673, the 8th edition 2006, p. 610, and the Lonely Planet Borneo edition 2007, p. 237 and also please check up ”The Rough Guide to Southeast Asia on a budget, 1st edition, November 2008, p.373/4.  

The interior of Western Kalimantan in Borneo Island, Indonesia. This is the only road access from Lanjak to Putusibau. We did this bus ride after an adventure through the Kapuas River from Sintang to Semitau, explore the lake Sentarum from Selimbau to Lanjak to enjoy the beauty of the Sentarum lake get to view the , and entered area of honey farm in Semanget Village. Overnight in Pengambung then early in the morning the trip is heading to Lanjak, boat ride. This is the road between Lanjak and Putusibau

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