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Visit West Borneo With Alex

Alex Afdhal.  Photo courtesy

To all jungle lovers and travelers around the wold

Alex Afdhal, the CEO of the Borneo Access Adventurer. He is has been experience in the tourism industry since 1994. He has been promoted to the position since 2015. He has been bearer of senior tourist guide certificate since 1997. He worked in hotel liners for 10 year. In the Courtesy Services Provider, he has been certified by Deputy Minister of Tourism Republic of Indonesia, 2005

He is experiences in conducting adventure tour up to the first hand both pristine jungle wilderness and numerous cultural tours into indigenous villages. Lacking a large tourist infrastructure, Kalimantan, gives visitors the rare opportunity to experience both nature and local communities at their own pace, with their own schedule and on their own budget. For those interested in cultural matters, he affords the opportunity to visit traditional communities rarely visited by the outside world.

He offer tours range from simple overnight visits to a traditional Dayak Longhouse up to multi day treks through off the bitten rainforest, coast to coast adventures across the Borneo, regardless of your travel style, interests, and budget.

He is confident that he can put together your ultimate tour and adventure. In the hotel liner, he has experience; receptionist, supervisor, front office manager, and the top position General Manager of star class hotel. Based on those experiences, Borneo Access Adventurer confidently promotes Alex into the position as CEO of the company.

Please select which one is the besf for your interests :

  • 6 hours Pontianak City Sighseeing
    Pontianak the only town in Indonesia situated right on the equator line and divided by Kapuas River, and situated in the equator line, there’re is also well known Equator City. It is founded in 1771 Syarif Abdurrahman Al-Qadri, and now Pontianak is divided into 6 sub district..
  • 21 Days Crossing Borneo
    19 days crossing Borneo stars in Pontianak, West ends in Balikpapan the East Coast offers full adventure; bus riding, river boating, and jungle trekking where the journey presents ultimate scenery of the most rugged Island in the globe.
  • Full Day Tour Long Island Pontianak
    Long Island Pontianak Tour “A” tour combines Nature Wetland, and Culture of the Suburban River Life. The Long Island offers beauty of scenery, bird watching and m0nkey watching and boat riding. It is reachable 45 minutes by motorised canoe. The culture of the river live offer local culture of the people on the Kapuas River banks that offers friendliness of local community.

Please contact him  at

Jl. Imam Bonjol/Jl. Tanjung Harapan, Gg. H. D. Usman Rt. 3, Rw. 2, No. 46
Pontianak 78124. Phone : +62 812 5768066 (mobile)
Email: or

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