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Something Better To Offer than Fear

Hillary Clinton. Photo courtesy
Hillary Clinton. Photo courtesy

Two days ago -- hours after meeting with the Mexican president, posing for a photo, and lying about whether or not they actually discussed who would pay for that wall Trump wants to build -- Donald Trump flew into Arizona and outlined his specific immigration proposals in one of the darkest and most disturbing speeches of his campaign.

He made one message clear as day: If he is elected president, he will deport 16 million immigrants, ripping families and communities apart, ramping up raids on homes and workplaces, and throwing millions of American lives into chaos.

Trump's entire campaign strategy -- the animating force of his so-called "movement" -- is fear.That may attract enough people to fill his rallies. But for every person drawn to Trump's rhetoric, there's more than one person in America who's sickened by it -- and we have to make sure our side speaks up louder than theirs.

We’ve just started running a new series of ads, including in Arizona, where Trump spoke the other night -- because that’s what your $1 does. It lets us talk to voters about our own vision for America while he tries to frighten people into voting for him.

This team can’t let anyone think Trump’s behavior or his fear mongering is normal -- it’s just not. While he goes on rampages, we’re telling Americans that we have something better to offer. Chip in $1 right now to make sure we can keep it up, from now until Election Day.

Hillary needs you now more than ever -- chip in $1 and join the 2.3 million grassroots donors standing with her:



Christina Reynolds
Deputy Communications Director
Hillary for America

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