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Importance of Nuclear Energy Utilization in Indonesia

Nuclear power development in Indonesia is one of the programs that Indonesia has to develop and make the most of the nuclear science and technology in the field of energy and non-energy usage as well for peaceful goals.

The usage if the Non-utilization of energy in Indonesia has developed quite advanced. While in the field of energy (electricity power ), the government of the republic of Indonesia is still trying to obtain more public support, in addition to the international community response toward that Indonesia which have been internationally recognized country of using the nuclear power for peaceful reasons.

Nuclear Energy. Photo courtesy
Nuclear Energy. Photo courtesy

Indonesia has signed a memorandum of understanding related to the development of the peaceful use of nuclear energy with ROSATOM , the Russian State Nuclear Energy company during the last ATOMEXPO conference in Moscow in 2015. This Forum recorded the number of the participants of the forum as "newcomers" in the field of nuclear energy.

In April 2015, the National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia (BATAN) announced RENUKO, Indonesian-Russian consortium with the participation of a subsidiary of Rosatom, as the winner of the tender for the design concept of high-temperature multifunctional research reactors with gas cooling power of 10 MW in Indonesia.

Development of nuclear energy as plants have advantages but requires mastery of the technology and discipline in its implementation in every way. Many people from the business world and the Indonesian parliament support the development of Indonesia nuclear power plants, but also are still worried about its negative impact of the establishment of a nuclear power plant in Indonesia.

I  personally hope to get many knowledge and share the information from different countries all across the world during this coming WFSJ Workshop on Culture for Nuclear Safety & Journalism which will be held in Munich, November 7 - 8, 2016.  The theme of the workshop "
STRENGTHENING NUCLEAR SAFETY CULTURE" is in line with the overal development projects of the nuclear safety culture in Indonesia

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