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Find out how much you could save with Hillary's college plan

I wanted to share something really cool.

We've built a new tool that shows how much money students -- and current debt-holders -- can save under Hillary’s college plan.

Try it out today, then share it with the people in your life who are worried about how to pay off the bills that stacked up while they were in lecture halls and libraries.

I was part of the policy team that worked with Hillary to put this plan together -- and one of my favorite parts is that it doesn’t just help current and future students. It also lends a hand to people who are still struggling to pay off their student debt from years prior.

Hillary For America.   Photo courtesy
Hillary For America.   Photo courtesy

That’s why we’ve made the college calculator customizable -- so you can see how much you, personally, would be able to save, depending on whether you’re a student, a graduate, a prospective student, or a parent planning on sending your children to school (or going to school yourself!) in the future.

Try out our calculator to see how much you would save under Hillary’s plan right now. Then, help us spread the word by sending the tool to friends and family. Her platform is one-of-a-kind -- and will help so, so many of us:

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Thanks for helping us in this fight,


Vivek Viswanathan
Policy Advisor
Hillary for America 


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