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Be a volunteer For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton.  Photo courtesy
Hillary Clinton.  Photo courtesy

We're kicking off a week of action for our Women Together initiative -- and you can be a part of it! Just sign up right now to volunteer so we can show the whole world the difference women will make this November.

Hillary Clinton has spent her life fighting for women and girls – and she needs us to fight for her. Join us to make history this November!

There's not a day that goes by when I’m not humbled by and grateful for the energy and excitement women have brought to this campaign. In Iowa, I met a group of women who got together to create a quilt showing what this election means to them. Back in the primary, I heard from some of my old friends from Arkansas who were traveling all over the country to knock on doors and talk to voters.

And there’s nothing I love more than meeting little girls who tell me that when they grow up, they want to run for president, too. (Some of them ask me if I have a husband, which always makes me laugh.)

The truth is, this is your campaign. It’s about your lives, your dreams, and the people you love. It’s about making sure all those little girls know once and for all that they really can be anything they want to be when they grow up -- even president.

And if we win this November, it will be because of you.

So today, I’m asking you to step up and commit to investing your time in this campaign between now and Election Day -- even if it’s just an hour or two. When you spend an hour calling voters or helping out at one of our field offices, you’ll feel so good knowing you took our country’s future into your own hands. And I’ll be forever grateful that you fought by my side during these critical final weeks of this long campaign.

What do you say? Will you add your name to volunteer and run this final lap with me? The only way we’ll win this is together

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  1. Ved denne lejlighed vil jeg være en lille tale om sundhed. Sund er et velstående tilstand af en person fysisk og følelsesmæssigt. Sundhed er også en gave fra Gud, den Almægtige, så vi kan flytte Obat tradisional untuk hidrosefalus og Obat sinusitis yang dijual di apotik
    Vi skal også være i stand til at opretholde vores sundhed hver - hver for tidligt for sent, fordi der er et ordsprog, at forebyggelse er bedre end Treat. Hvis opretholdes vores sundhed, så kan vi gøre daglige aktiviteter glat fordi i et sundt legeme er der en stærk sjæl alligevel. For at vi kan på præstation endnu mere for fremtiden for vores nation for en stærk nation er en sund nation. Hvis folk er raske så en nation vil være sund og stærk, omvendt, som mange syge mennesker, og folk vil blive svag Obat tradisional asam lambung tinggi og Obat tradisional untuk asam urat


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