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We’re all counting on you

Be a volunter for Hillary.  Photo courtesy

We all know that Donald Trump wakes up every morning, unlocks his smartphone, and scrolls through Twitter.

So when there’s a headline with his name in it, we know he sees it. In fact, he usually tweets about it. Because Donald J. Trump is a guy who reads his own press clippings.

All of which means that, in about a week, he's going to see a news story that describes how the two campaigns did in terms of fundraising for the month of August.

So I’d love to think of this moment as an opportunity -- our personal invitation to dictate how Trump begins his day. I’d kind of love to know that he’s waking up on the wrong side of the bed, reading all about how our team just beat his at fundraising. He may even tweet about it in frustration. Want to help make that happen?   
Just donate $1.

Thank you (seriously),


Christina Reynolds
Deputy Communications Director
Hillary for America


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