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We just aren’t meeting those goals

Hillary For America 2016   Photo courtesy hillaryunleashed.wordpress.com
Hillary needs you now more than ever -- chip in $1 and be one of the more than 2 million grassroots donors standing with her: Donate to Hillary for America now

I’ve been blown away by the response to our emails this week. This team has stepped up, and because of you, we’re tracking closer to our fundraising goals again.

But we’re not quite there. And frankly, I'm not going to be comfortable until we aren’t just meeting those goals -- we’re beating them. Can you chip in (and yes, get a free sticker!) right now?

I hate losing. I always have.

But I've never worked on a campaign before where the prospect of defeat left me feeling quite like this.

You lose a typical race, and it's disappointing. But it's something you have to accept in a democracy. Sometimes, the other side gets a chance to govern.

A Trump presidency wouldn't be like that.

If we take him at his word and just believe that he's going to do the things he says, we run the risk of a devastating recession, frayed relationships with allies around the world, deep divisions across our country -- and a whole series of enemies emboldened to challenge our standing in the world.

If there’s even a twenty -- honestly, if there’s even a ten percent chance of that happening -- well then, I’ve got more work to do. We have to raise so much money and register so many voters that this guy doesn’t even have a shot.

So yeah, we need you right now. Will you chip in to make sure we don’t risk everything come November?



Robby Mook
Campaign Manager
Hillary for America

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