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We have to raise $10 million before Wednesday

Hilllary For America 2016.  Photo courtesy

August 31st is a big day for the campaign. It marks our next FEC deadline and our next opportunity to show the world this team’s commitment to taking down Donald Trump. And that's HUGE -- because after Labor Day, we need people excited to be part of this team and ready to show up when it matters most.

That’s why it’s so important to hit our goals for the end of August -- we need to raise $10 million online to stay on track and prove we’re the strongest campaign and strongest team in this election. Can you chip in right now to get a free sticker and help that happen?

August 31st is also the last FEC deadline before early or absentee voting begins in states all over the country: September 9th in North Carolina, September 22nd in Wisconsin, September 23rd in Minnesota and Vermont, September 24th in Virginia and Michigan, and September 29th in Iowa and Illinois.

That’s almost 100 electoral votes right there -- that’s almost halfway to 270. And once a ballot gets cast, there's no undoing it. That means we have just a few weeks to dedicate to getting out the vote in these states and persuading voters to show up for Hillary. The clock is ticking -- and we have to step up.

Can you show you’re with Hillary right now and chip in to be on a team that’s fighting its heart out for every dollar and every vote in every single state?

Thanks -- we’re in the home stretch and every cent counts.


Marlon Marshall

Director of States and Political Engagement
Hillary for America

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