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Trump called Hillary a ‘bigot’

Hillary For America 2016    Photo courtesy

Donald Trump went onstage at a rally and called Hillary a bigot. 
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I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of his name-calling and lies. And I’ve had enough of the days we waste in this election listening to the people on TV go back and forth about "what he really meant."

I’m so damn tired of us tiptoeing around this -- the election is in 75 days, and a person who gets in bed with the most dangerous fringe right-wing white supremacists in America could really and truly be our president! The time to be polite is behind us. This is a time to take decisive, meaningful action.

Which is why you need to chip in today. (And, yes, you will get your free sticker as a thank you.)

After last night, I want to raise so much money that the media is forced to report that Hillary’s supporters hit back fast and hard on Trump and his attacks. I want to make the story about this team, and how strong, united and passionate we are in our resolve to make Hillary our next president.

I want to tell Hillary how you came through and show her that we all have her back.

You know our fundraising has been lagging behind in August -- and we only have a few days left to catch up. So let’s get going right now and make an indelible statement about who we are and what we stand for:

This is it. We don’t get more chances to win. Let’s get this done.


Christina Reynolds

Deputy Communications Director
Hillary for America

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