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This isn’t some feel-good goal

Hillary For America 2016.  Photo courtesy
Hillary For America 2016.  Photo courtesy

Hillary needs you now more than ever -- chip in $1 before our monthly fundraising deadline to stand with this team.   Donate to Hillary for America 2016 now.

We always ask a lot of you in the final days before we have to issue a new fundraising report to the Federal Election Commission. I know that's been particularly true this month -- so I want to explain why it’s absolutely crucial that we do our damnedest to raise that $10 million before midnight strikes on Wednesday.

This isn’t some feel-good goal so we can pat ourselves on the backs. This is the exact amount we need to pocket if we’re going to be able to respond whenever Trump slings mud at us for the next 73 days. It's also how our friends in the media will judge which team is stronger headed into the final phase of the election.

Will you chip in now to help us hit it? We need just 17 more donations from your area to help us stay on pace!

After midnight on Wednesday, we’ll submit that report to the FEC detailing how much money we’ve raised, who donated it, and where we’re spending it.

How much we raise -- and how many individual donations make up that number -- will set the media narrative for the next month. If Trump outraises us, all the chatter will be about how well his campaign is doing -- and “momentum” stories like that tend to lead to more voters jumping on board.

We can’t let that happen here. We can’t risk falling behind in money or momentum -- especially considering that this is the final deadline like this before people actually start casting their ballots in September.

I know that $10 million is a lot of money. But Trump is raising a lot, too. And we all know he’s going to use that cash to mount the ugliest attacks against Hillary he can come up with. Trump released his first ad of the general election last week -- and the fact that it contains a literal lie every seven seconds isn't stopping him from seeing it run in battleground states all over the country.

We need to be able to hit back. We need to be able to convey our message, and call Trump out on his fear-mongering and race-baiting. We need to make sure that Trump has no semblance of momentum heading into these crucial final 10 weeks.

The only way for us to be able to do so effectively is to beat him in fundraising. So please, chip in $1 right now to help us punch back -- what voters in states like Florida and Ohio hear about Hillary for the next 73 days depends on it:

Thanks -- and let’s show him what we’ve got,


Christina Reynolds
Deputy Communications Director
Hillary for America

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