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Michelle Obama : Hillary Needs Us

Hillary Clinton for America.  Photo courtesy
Hillary Clinton for America.  Photo courtesy

I’ll never forget the experience of campaigning for Barack in 2008 and 2012. 

In hindsight, it might seem like we were destined to win. But we weren't. In fact, when Barack first got into the race, winning seemed pretty unlikely. But every single supporter stepped up in big ways and small, knowing that they had skin in the game -- that this wasn't just about Barack, but about all of us. That a victory would have been our victory. That a loss would have been our loss.

We’re at a defining moment again, and Hillary needs us the same way Barack did four and eight years ago. Her team is just one day away from a critical end-of-month deadline, and they are still short of the $10 million goal they set to keep running this race the right way. Can you chip in $1 right now to help hit that important mark?

From the very beginning, Barack and I were just overwhelmed by the unyielding strength of his campaign's supporters. When the going got tough, you all just dug deeper. Your passion and commitment lifted us up every single day. And we are so incredibly grateful for everything you did.

Together, we can keep delivering on that same promise of change that inspired and mobilized so many Americans eight years ago. Hillary has never been more ready to seize this baton and this mission.

But she has to win the election first, and needs your help. This deadline tomorrow night is a major one for her campaign, and she will never forget that you were with her at this critical moment in history:

Thank you for all you've done for this team,

Michelle Obama
Hillary needs you now more than ever -- chip in $1 before our monthly fundraising deadline to stand with this team:  Donate to Hillary For America Now. 

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