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During in sanur Bali, Oktober 2010

Some footages I took during my trip and traveling to Bali for the period of around 5 years from 2005 to 2010.   As part of Indonesia Australia Partnership (IAP) program conjuction with Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (I/A/L/F) based in Bali, I joined the Champion team.

The champion consisted of about seven young peopla all across Indonesia selected as "champion" or volunteer work to foster friendship.between Indonesia and Australia in the field of education, consultation and training.  

The champions are Ririn (Jakarta), Syahrir (Makasar), Fadel (Lombok), Suryadi (Madura), Keyko (Semarang) and Asep (Pontianak).  Since the last November 2011 , the Champion has finished, and all coordinated programs of the KangGuru Indonesia Bali was now under Education Partnership Outreach Service (EPOS) which totally under administration of Embassy of Australia in Jakarta


AIBEP School Visit to SMP Bebandem Bali
7 - 8 October 2010
Video recorded by Asep Haryono

KangGuru Indonesia presentation at SMPN 6 Amlapura
October 2019
Video recorded by Asep Haryono

A briefing delivered by Kevin Dalton, Project Manager of KangGuru Indonesia

Sometime in 2005.  Location at IALF Building Jalan Sesetan Denpasar, Bali
Video recorded by Asep Haryono

A glimpse of  KanGuru Indonesia Office at IALF

Around Juli 2010.  Location at IALF Building Jl Sesetan Denpasar, Bali
Video recorded by Asep Haryono.

AIBEP Visit school programe at SMPN 7 Singaraja

8 October 2010,  Very short video.   A moment to go home
Video recorded by Asep Haryono

Presentation on JOEY by Ayu Kusumastuti
12 April 2011
Video recorded by Asep Haryono


Practical Tips To Bali.  Funny videoAround 2010.   Location Puri Ayu Denpasar/year
Video recorded by Asep Haryono

Name of Project or program location is here
Around 2010.   Location Puri Ayu Denpasar
Video recorded by Asep Haryono

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  1. wah, asik Pak, sedang jalan2 ke Bali ya pak sekarang :)


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