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Learn Bahasa Indonesia

Hello travelers...

Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language is the only one spoken by all people across the islands of Indonesia.  The language became national one for years.  

The Bahasa Indonesia is a mother tongue for all Indonesian people however almost all the islands of Indonesia has their own local expression such as Sundanese , Javanese and many others. Our national language unity everything in one national language :  Indonesia.

While you are in business , pleasure or just hanging around in Indonesia in general or while in Pontianak in particular, short or long term of staying, I suggest you, foreigners or travelers , to learn basic communication in Bahasa Indonesia.  

You don't have to be an expert for the language of Indonesia.  Learn Bahasa Indonesia a little bit for your comfortable trip while in this beautiful country. Trust me.  It will help you greatly.

You absolutely need to talk with local people.  By understanding our national language, you will be nationally recognized, and our friendly people will always be with you in every way.  Again it  is highly recommended that you obtain a working knowledge of the bahasa Indonesia 

For some certain situations,  Indonesian do not speak any International language including English which is considered as one of the international one spoken around the globe.   Not all people of Indonesia spoke English, and we are proud to speak our national language every day.  

Indonesia is famous for their hospitality, friendly and smile, so you don't have to worry about the ability of your language of Indonesia which can be extremely something worth to be critized. The people of Indonesia will understand and appreciative of foreigners that working very hard to learn Bahasa Indonesia and try to build relationships with them. 

Let's learn basic phrases in Bahasa Indonesia.
Practical daily Indonesian language.  Image from Internet

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