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Suitcase Gift From Ibuzz Korea Arrived

To Whom It May Concern

I was pleased to know that I was one of the recipients of 3rd Prize of buzz Balloon Point Event II held by Ibuzz Korea.   The notification email addressed to my inbox as official confirmation that as a winner of the3rd Prize of buzz Balloon Point Event II held by Ibuzz Korea I would receive a suitcase.  I have contacted the organizer listed to let me know about the kind of the suitcase including the image of the prize.  Unfortunately I have not received any reply from Ibuzz Korea.  That was not one of my problems at all.

The winner notification to confirm my name as the winner of the 3rd Prize of buzz Balloon Point Event II held by Ibuzz Korea sent  in Nov 28, 2014 at 9:05 AM Korean Times.  The organizer of the buzz Balloon Point Event II told me that I won the 3rd Prize of buzz Balloon Point Event II in the form of suitcase.  I had no idea about the size, color, and the image of the Suitcase as well.    That is okay.  No problem  :)

The organizer  told me that I must submit the confirmation as winner.    I was told to send full information as the winner to make sure of the the 3rd Prize of buzz Balloon Point Event  will be reaching me eventually. 

They required my full name, email address, contact number, and shipping address (including country and postal code) where I would like to receive my gift.address   I have enclosed a copy of my current passport as valid identification document in addition to my previous information submitted.

I decided to send the information and winner confirmation by submitting the information required before by December 4th, PM 3:00 (Korean Times) for timely shipping.  The risk of the failure to send the information required exceed December 4th, PM 3:00 (KST) may lead to the cancellation of winning.  

The prize arrived in Pontianak by the end of the 3rd week of December 2014.  The head of Custom Section of The Republic Of Indonesia branch in Pontianak told me the tax expenses about 35 $ or equal to about Rp.350,000,- (Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Rupiahs).  That was a great number of money.  Finally , I have had the prize safe and sound.   I was so happy of receiving the prize indeed.   Yeyyyyyy :)).   You may look at the photos of the prize Suitcase over here as follows :
American Tourister Esteem Ultra Travel Bag
This is the suitcase of Ibuzz Korea American Tourister , very cool Huh?. You may also visit its offical website here.   Photo Asep Haryono
American Tourister Esteem Ultra Travel Bag
I checked the confition of the Suitcase at Post Office Pontianak to make sure of there was no damage of the package.  Photo Asep Haryono
American Tourister Esteem Ultra Travel Bag
I took a photo of the Suitcase along with my current bag.  You may compare the size of those bags. Photo Asep Haryono
American Tourister Esteem Ultra Travel Bag
This a letter of the Custom Dept The Repubilc Of Indonesia along wit the suitcase to confirm that the item has been purchased its tax expeneses.  This is legal shipping. Phoyo Asep Haryono

Do you have any idea what I mean about Ibuzz Korea?  According to their official website IBUZZ KOREA is something like a global campaign and an integrated online community platform site that reveals Korea's tourism attractions and a variety of Korea-related contents through social media like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Ameba, QQ etc.

Have you ever been to Korea?  I have not been there at all.  Even tough I never been in Korea but I recommend you all,  my loyal readers, to  visit to share your memories and experiences in Korea with your global friends and attend various events as well. buzz KOREA will bring you the most interesting and buzzy stories about Korea.    I wish I could visit Korea someday.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all people and staff at Ibuzz Korea for their fabulous Suitcase which I have had since a few days ago.   I will be more than happy to participate in any competions, events and programs of the Ibuzz Korea in every way.   Thank you and I really appreciate it  (Asep Haryono).


  1. Keren euy, ternyata bikin dua bahasa.

  2. bahasa inggrisnya keren nih kang asep ya...


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