UNIMAP Students Took Four-Week Working Experience

UNIMAP Students
Based at Pontianak Post daily newspaper office
By Asep Haryono

Since a few days ago, Hafiz , Shakira , Bell , Wani , and Farrah , came to Pontianak Post daily newspaper, and I received them in 5th floor together with secretary to Editor in Chief, Mrs Silvina.  I did not aware of them because of , as usual , Editor In Chief always inform me about any guest in which planned to visit the Pontianak Post

I decided to welcome them in the guest room and in a very short time we have had very cool chat with them in which delivering laugh , and also humor as well.  As the leader of the group, Mr Hafiz , introduced himself and also his group member.  Finally, I knew they were students from Universiti Malaysia Perlis or UNIMAP. 

For me personally, receiving guest from Malaysia as something I have been engaged doing since a few years ago when I was still working at one of internet cafes in Pontianak. When I was still at university student, I took many chances of welcoming students guest from Malaysia such as Institute of Mara Sarawak (ITM), University Utara Malaysia (UUM) and many other Malaysia's universities.

The total of UNIMAP students are about 13, and those students are part of International Exchange Student (IES) program between Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP) and University of Tanjungpura (UNTAN).  Those about 13 UNIMAP Students that have been residing and received at the University of Tanjungpura (UNTAN) since a few days ago.  Those UNIMAP students will complete the programs in the following weeks, and should be finished on about August 22nd.

The five of the UNIMAP Students, Hafiz, Belinda, Shakira, Farah and Wani , have been received at Pontianak Post daily newspaper office residing at Jalan Gajah Mada Pontianak.  

From left to right  : Farah , Wani , Shakira and Bel.  Photo Asep Haryono

Me with Mr Hafiz UNIMAP Student, Photo Asep Haryono

Visiting to Pontianak TV channel. Received by Pon-Tv News Anchor, Ramadhan  Photo Asep Haryono

Secretary of Editor in Chief , Mrs Silvina, receiving Farah , Belinda , Shakira , Hafiz and Wani.  Photo Asep Haryono

Wani, Farah, Hafiz and Belinda interviewed by Pont-TV Crew member..  Photo Asep Haryono

At the same time, about 15 international exchange students from University of Tanjungpura (UNTAN) Pontianak, Indonesia, now have been based in Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP). These students will be attached to IB programme 2nd year.

Complete formation of UNIMAP Students before heading to Indonesia
Photo courtesy azwa aisya @azwaaisyah

According to Mr Hafiz that all UNIMAP Students were from International Business Program, and they will get some working experiences in several places including at Bank Syariah in Pontianak, Indonesia.   We are lucky to received those five UNIMAP students here at Pontianak Post daily newspaper and we hope that you could obtain good experiences here which you will not forget for the rest of their life.  

Mr Hafiz also confirmed that another UNIMAP students now at Bank Syariah such as Maisarah, Mastura , Najawa, Syafiqah, and Fitria.  Wherever you can, try to explore the beauty of Pontianak, doing some hobbies, food, and also many interesting Pontianak tourism here.  So let us give them a warm welcome to UNTAN, Pontianak Post daily newspaper and to Pontianak.  (Asep Haryono)


  1. Nice, i wish i can get such oppurtunity too :)

    1. opportunity to meet Kang Asep, Mbak?
      why Kang Asep, not his friends.
      I promise, if you meet them such as Mamang Cilembu, Mamang Yono, and Mamang Rawins, you will get a chance to turn around the world called "bingung".
      understand, Mbak?

    2. @Amira Anorah : Thanks for visiting to my blog today. I will return to yours as soon as possible to keep informed. I wish you could join with us here too. Happy fasting :))

    3. @Zachflazz : HIhiehiehiheiehe. wahhahahaha. No no way. Hiheihiehiee. "Bingung" or "confuse" ya. Mamang Cilembu is the most "ganteng" guy in the world. Mamang Rawins is the president of TOWER company. Yes yes yes hiehiheiheiee

  2. hanya bisa menyimak, salam sukses !

    1. Hiihii ya ya. Terima Kasih

    2. wong dikasih salam koq ketawa hihihihi.
      bangun tidur nih mesti Kang Asep

    3. ane juga deh, hanya bisa menyemak

      wqwqwqwqwqwqw :D

  3. when we met the ladies from "negeri jiran" which is "lawak-lawak", instanly get a feeling of comfort and cool when hearing the tone of their voice/talking. I dont' know why, same with you, Kang?

    1. @zachflazz : hieiheiee. I am not sure of it. I dont know. Bang Zach blognya dimana letak kasih komentarnya ya. Bingung nih. Hiheihiehiee. Mudah mudahan hari ini ketemu link kasih komennya

    2. you're right Kang, na'aam. kolom komennya lagi libur dulu selama Ramadhan. soalnya lagi nggak bisa bagi waktu nih, sayang kalo ramadhan lewat begitu aja. hehe..

  4. Mr.Asep Haryono,thanks for this entry.. :)
    love it so much..
    hope i've time to visit pontianak next time,of course i'll go Pontianak Post hehe..
    Thanks again sir.. :)

    1. pasti sir alex fergusson nih

  5. wah..mesti minta bantuan mbah Google untuk nerjemahin nich :-)

  6. just visiting your blog and reading this entry, happy fasting :)

  7. wahhh.... bagus sekali nih postingannya.
    jadi kak asep udah biasa menerima student dari Malaysia.
    momoy pasti, mesti kesemua student itu comfort di bawah jagaan kak asep yang cool ini =)

    salam ramadhan al mubarak ya kak asep


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