Two Reasons Why I Want To Visit Korea

Through IbuzzKOREA Can Make My dream Comes True
By Asep Haryono

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There are many reasons why people around the world would like to visit Korea that you might find interesting.  People would like to go to South Korea  for example, because of  Job Opportunities, Technologies, Financial Stability of the country and its beautiful scenarios.

How about people in the South East Asia counties?  Well though, people going to a foreign country would not always worried again.  They will not feel  being discriminated for any reasons and being appreciated for some reasons. It always depend on how open-minded that person would be.

Another thing is that, Koreans also go to other countries to do business and to gain some qualifications by learning another language which is English. Korea has no other resources than human, so they are enforcing English to each and every Korean possible. Now, for my personal reason on why I wanted to visit that country? To check out the place, to know and understand the culture of its people.

First, One of the reasons I would like to visit Korea is all about Homestay  Program. Wow.  Really?  Absolutely. Technically, only one of these three catchy rhyming government-subsidized programs for budget lodging is new. Hanok Homestay, which supplies lodgings at a traditional Korean-style house, or hanok, and Goodstay, which is simply a logo that indicates endorsement (and at least a degree of vetting) from the Korea Tourist Organization, are both relatively familiar staples on the budget accommodation scene.

I want to feel hospitality from Korean family likeI this picture. Photo courtersy

Koreastay, however, is relatively new; the current version of the website only just debuted, and rather shakily, sometime in November 2011. But we hope it catches and snowballs by 2012, because it seems like a pretty damn good idea, especially for the offbeat backpacker more interested in language exchange than socks exchange -- although both are important -- or the globe-trotting student traveling on a budget.

Koreastay is similar to Hanok Homestay: your host will likely live in a modern Korean apartment or villa rather than a refurbished hanok. It's a little like paid CouchSurfing, and what you pay for is the guarantee of a hot meal, and well, the guarantee in general.

Image from Internet
Second , The reason is all about the Korea Grand Sale.  Wow really? The Korea Grand Sale is technically part of the Visit Korea Year campaign but in its grandness it deserves its own category.  Unlike some of the other promotional discounts of Visit Korea Year, the Korea Grand Sale is surprisingly, and non-intuitively, not just about saving a few won.

Some local people said that  discounts in the Korea Grand Sale's sales are rather less than grand, and that's because the Korea Grand Sale is not just about buying loads of cheap stuff at low prices. It's about a complete cultural experience."

Sure, there is a strong element of Black Friday stampedes in this 52-day "national shopping extravaganza," which will involve more than 21,000 businesses and discounts of up to 50 percent. But if you look beyond the shiny promotional poster of Hallyu star Choi Ji-woo looking mighty happy with shopping bags hanging off her arms, there's a great deal more to be found in the Korea Grand Sale than half-price luxury lipsticks.

The Grand Sale done at Incheon International Airport  last January 9, 2012. And unlike lipstick, which is likely to appeal exclusively to a specific, narrow demographic, this opening event will include the distribution of a lottery ticket, so everyone receives at least something. A sweltering volunteer will be dressed up as Pororo the Penguin -- who is an official mascot -- willing to take photos with kids. But the real mall now can be found at DOOTA Shopping Mall in Dongdaemun. And finally, there will be celebrity appearances as well as numerous lotteries and sweepstakes opportunities. Window shopping will never be so fun again. (Nor so potentially profitable).

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