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My Page Rank Dropped

By Asep Haryono

I got very sad news from my primary website here, www.asepharyono,com , in particular about the page rank position from 3 to 2 yesterday. I have now had time to write some predictions why I got the score band goes down from the 3 into 2 from the google ranking. I am not really for sure the cause, but I will try to analyze why it happens.

I checked the page rank from one of the most awesome page rank checker yesterday , and found that my page rank really down into 2, and I have planned to make some changes in the lay out but I am , again, not really for sure that it will works properly to return the page rank.

So I try to focus my self in posting a good quality content for my blog here, and as I have posted in my previous article about the posting, my question now is addressing to myself to take care of my blogs in order to maintain the ranking in the Google system. I think one of my causes make my page rank dropped was about I spend too much time in searching for money from the Google Adsense. Every one knew already that the Google Adsense can give more money, and we all knew about that already.

To make it clear what I have said now, just take a look a screen shot I have provided here from the page rank checker, then you will see that the page rank of my website here has been dropped from 3 into 1.

From the above picture, I can understand that my page rank dropped can be understood. There are lots of reasons why the page rank dropped, and I would like to share them to all of you briefly.  One of the reasons is about my focus in earning programs like Google Adsense.  I have collected the earning this month around $ 28,50 USD, and I think I have forgotten to post some articles for my website here and my blog too.  

I can predict that some of the reasons below might become great potentials to make my page rank dropped very quickly, and I have listed some of them which you might find interesting .
  1. Daily Updated.  It was really very difficult for me , at these moments , to maintain my blog and website at the same time with full of latest posting and new articles.  One of the reasons now is about my spare times which can be very tight and I hardly find my times to write the article.  I can confess that this is the biggest reason for making my page rank dropped one level

  2. Exchange Link   I have committed to exchange link with many good blogs or websites which have been good in page rank , around above 2, and at the same time I offered them to exchange link with mine, and I am not sure of the result of this attempt.  Just trying to offer the exchange links that's all.

  3. Forum.  Due to my work load was driving me insand, make me hard to find any online forum such as Indosite, kaskus, and many other online forum to exchange the information among bloggers.  I was worried about the posting here can be considered as spams, and junks due to the URL or Website Address I might enclose under the comments I made.

  4. Good Quality Comments.  The same as number 3, I am working very hard to attend and visit another blogs or websites of my friends and tried to give my good quality comments for them.  I did not want to be considered as spammers by informing the URL address and leaving a small and short comments on their blog.  I always read the contetns of my friend's blog, and wrote my good comments

  5. Good Content.  This is the biggest issue I have ever had during my experiences in blogging. Creating and writing good quality contents are not easy as I think before.  I was working on it, and trying to make any posting I was making will have a goal for my readers.  I would like to write good quality contents, and my readers get something new for my blog.  This is my ultimate dream too.

Based on those topics, I can understand that the my page rank dropped very quickly might be caused by the above major components instead of the algorithm system of the Google which can be very difficult to understand and comprehent.  Again and again this posting can be a warning for me, to come back writing and posting good quality contents based on the system of the search engine optimization (SEO).  (Asep Haryono)


  1. I'm so sorry for this too, kang asep :(

    Surely it's being our sadness as blogger to know that the page rank has been going down. Anyway, as you have mentioned in those 5 points above, there should be one or two factors from the five which bring the page rank down to certain level. But I believe that anytime you post a write, you do the good content although these days I found you don't post daily as you used to do.

    Nevertheless, page rank 2 isn't really bad kang if we compare to 0 hehehe.

    Hope you'll be able to find more leisure time to do the daily post again kang asep. Happy blogging.

  2. smangat kang! bnr kta kang diniehz, lbih baik pr 2 drpd yg msih 0 :D

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