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My Dreaming Computer Books

I have visited Gramedia book store yesterday along with my whole family driving from my house at Duta Bandara to Ahmad Yani Mega Mall, and returned home with taking TAXI with cheapest price.

While at the Mega Mall, I traveled to several shops right there and comparing prices from one to another. There was not a guarantee from me and my whole family to afford something while in the shopping malls as I always remind my two children not to see houseful things to be bought.

My wife would love seeking some small merchandises in particular bracelets and plastic rings for her performance daily at home, however she would be able love to buy something since she had her own pocket money instead of asking for mine.

This also happened with my oldest son, Abbie Muhammad Furqan Haryono (4,5 years), who always requesting me to provide him with some nice cake, breads, and balloons. What about me then?. I prefer to find some books in particular computer and techonology ones at the third floor of the mall, Gramedia book store. Have you visited the book store for your own?

Basically, I would love to make some orders online from internet sites which can be more effective and effecient, Online Shopping I may say. Well, regarding about those online shopping websites that I always visited at least once in a week such as Tanah Abang Dot Com instead of Store Ilmuweb Online. Regarding about the Tanah Abang Dot Com whose contents were designed to provide outfit, dress and acceccories for adult, women and children, my wife has been became its member for years.

Just looka this package we bought from, awesome and easy way to. Shopping online can be very easy, effective and relatively chep.   Photo by Asep Haryono

She often order some baby's and children's outfit and I have written her opportunities ordering those orders from the Tanah Abang Dot Com on August 3rd, 2011 and you can read her experiences that I wrote which you might find interesting.    Back to my story about this topic, well, I would love to find some books in the field of Internet Marketing , Search Engine Optimization, Computer, Web Design and Technology as well.

I did not have my own credit card instead of local and normal bank account as method of payment when dealing with those online shopping activities due to the system of the payment with the credit card can be very expensive and complicated as well. 

I would love to use bank account to pay the fees or prices of the book, merchandise or goods online with very much easier to be done.   Do you have any credit card?.  My primary bank was only at Permata Bank, and my wife had two ; BRI and BTN.

You just buy the book you want, and pay the book with transferring the money with their official bank account, and in just a few days , maximum of four , the book you have purchased online on their website will be coming to your address.  Just make sure of your postal address was clear with your city post code.   Based on my online shopping experiences, the seller or the advertisers will charge additional fees for postal or mailing the book to your address with TIKI or JNE or through registered mail from Post Office. 

Do you want to know what kind of Computer books that are still on progress to reach out?.   I have listed the following books that are some examples of my dreaming Computer books.  The titles are also enclosed here, and the prices might be vary according to the Book store you would like to go :

  1. Online Shop With Joomla
  2. Joomla 1.7 For Beginner
  3. Website Joomla 1.7 Administration
  4. Best Joomla Extention
  5. Multilanguage Web Portal With Joomla 1.5xx
  6. Professional Website With Joomla 1.5xx

Basically all of those internet and computer books will be very interesting, and I was interested in purchasing and having those books in the field of computers whose materials very close with the website and online marketing very much.    Those dreaming books were range between Rp.40.000,- to Rp.100.000,- for each and still can be afforded with my own pocket money however those books were still in my dreams. In other words, and to be frankly, I must save my money first again to afford those books.

I have purchased very brand new Internet and Computer book from Store Ilmuweb Online a few weeks ago with the price at the sum of Rp.60.000,- (Sixty Thousand Rupiahs) through postal service.

 I loved purchasing the book, actually it was not a book, it was a tutorial with CD templates to be used for your own Joomla Website.  As you knew before that some of the websites I was working with, were made of those Joomla Administration with Joomla 1.5 series.

You can looking at the book by reading its profile directly from the website of  Store Ilmuweb Online and you can compare the similar computer book from Gramedia Book Store anytime you feel like it

If I had much money now, I would love to buy many books that I need so much to read, and also some other relate books in particular computer , technology, website design , travel , human resource , and also English language dictionaries. 

How about the Alfa Link machine, a dictionary small machine.  I was not interested in purchasing those Alfa Link due to there was so big mistake I made with the machine, I would probably be able to use them again.  This was an optional for me, and according to my humble opinion, using the language machine was too risky to get damaged, and I prefer to have manual book, that was English Dictionary books.

How about you all?  Do you have any fave or dreaming books that you want to afford in future?.  Do you have any special books that were still in your dream which were not coming true yet?.  Do tell me, and I would love to hearing from you. (Asep Haryono)

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  1. My husband is also keen on that kind of book you mention above kang asep. Computer and the stuffs.

    For now on, I have some books I wanna buy: it's Buya Hamka by Akmal Sjafril. But considering that we still have some books we bought but haven't been read yet, so we consider to pend purchasing the book. :)


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