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Don't Be Afraid Of Flying

We have very tragic moment these days due to the most tragic flight accident last week in Salak Mount Bogor where, all we knew, one of the brand new Russian Jet crashed and took many lives found dead, no survivors so far.

Lots of local news and media partner keep on featuring the breaking news about the effort of the life safer to rescue the victims of the Sukhoi crash from the mountain

The first time I heard the news of the tragic flight accident around last Friday afternoon when I have finished my dinner, and I saw the running text displayed at one of the local TV stations clearly stated that the Sukhoi aircraft fell and took the lives of all their passengers. I am deeply concerned about this very sad moment, and took a few minutes praying, and I could not say anything to comment about this flight accident. My heart are with their families and relatives who lost their lives in the accident.

As one of full time working staff at local media in this town , Pontianak , I was feeling deeply concerned about this matter due to some of the victims of the Sukhoi Aircraft were from Media workers.  I am not flight expert , and I am not a journalist , however I have been working with the news and media business, but as human I am feeling deeply concerned about this tragic flight accident really.

LANDING : I am feeling so free when the landing gear touch down the ground.  Photo by Asep Haryono

As one of the passengers of an air lines in Indonesia, I was traveling to other island with the aircraft and I  got the feeling many flight sensation in the sky, in particularly flying through the sky around 30.000 feet from the earth , I was feeling like a dot among the clouds.   I could see small dots down there in the ground from my window on the air, and I cannot close my eyes to the fact that I felt "alone" in the sky.

Talking about accident, well, please don't consider the opinion that most tragic accident happened mostly in the air, what I mean is about flying with the aircraft or plane.  If you believe and I am sure you will, the accident can happen every where , every time and can happen to every one.   Flying with the aircraft cannot be considered as one of the dangerous activities that people should avoid.   Don't you ever had the opinion about that matter.

As I have told you before, you don't have to get the aircraft just to get the accident.  The accident can happen  in any kind of transportation , train, cars, bicycle, sea , or even you just walking.  We never know when the accident comes to us, and that is the secret from Allah SWT.  We will never know WHEN and WHO get the accident.  What we could have done so far is how to minimize the possibility of getting accident on the way of our destinations.

Regarding safety on board during flight , I saw many passengers did not obey the safety regulations shown by the stewardess before taking off, including the safety video displayed on board.   We always cannot pay attention the safety demo from the steward res during the flight.

Just remember once again.  Did you notice and pay attention the safety regulations on board that have been showed to you?. Did you see the safety video on board?.   I saw many passengers did not pay attention to them, ignoring them and considered that was only spending much time.

Just look at the photo I took during my flight with Garuda Indonesia after visiting to Bali a few months ago (around November I guess), and I could see this safety regulations was very important for our safety on board.  

Please don't be.  The safety regulations must be complied and all the passengers of any air flight mode should follow those instructions for your own safety including turning off the cellphone during the flight.   I used to see many friends of mine, or even other passengers turned their cellphone on however the plane were still running on the runnway.

As I have told you before that the accident can happen anytime, anywhere, and anyhow, and we cannot predict when the accident really happens to us.   Based on this stories, and some of from my flight experiences , please don't be afraid to fly with any aircraft.  

According to the latest research that flying with the air craft is one of the fastest ways to take us to the destinations.   I recommend you all to keep positive thinking on flying with the air craft, and try to follow all safety regulations during the flight.  Keep your flight disclipines, and not obey the rules because of you are afraid. Just pray to Allah SWT and keep on positive thinking about flying with the aircraft. (Asep Haryono)


  1. wherever we go, whatever we do, we can't stop the death..

  2. Agree with you, and agree with Mbak Popi as well.

    I also have the same feeling as the way you feel when the airplane is landing. Feels sooo relief after having such an annoying air-sickness on the plane :(

    Some cases of the plane crush indeed give significant impact to some people to be a lil bit afraid of flying, but yes as you said, we can't predict when and where the accident would happen.

    That's why I and my friend once had an idea what if before the plane is taking off, the stewardess and the crew not only perform how to save our soul if only the plane crush, but also lead the passenger to do prayer together, officially. Just a silly idea that each of passenger could do by themselves, anyway :)


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