$ 7,50 Received (again) From Blogsvertise

By Asep Haryono

Today I am very excited to know that my verified paypal account has been received $ 7,50 from Blogsvertise   and I can not remember how many times I received the money from the Blogsvertise  since I participated on this making money program since on May, 2011.  I have posted about the Blogsvertise a few days ago and you can read them too if you like it, it is all up to you to do.

At the first time I joined the blogsvertiser on May 2011 , and I could not remember the actual date of the membership, and my first status of the membership at the blogsvertiser  was probation and get only $ 2,00 for every posting received by administrator.

The due date of my posting that has been accepted by
the blogsvertiser was April 16th, and the status was already upgraded or normal condition and the payment of each posting that is accepted by the blogsvertiser  was ranging from $ 7,0 to $ 10,00 only.  The payment of the posting you have made and verified  by blogsvertiser was around one month from the date of your accepted posting.

For example the posting or an article about Herbalife as ordered by blogsvertiser has been accepted by April 16th, and it means that you will get the money as the result of your payment one month later after the date of your posting or article being received.  What that seems to happen every time was the late of the blogsvertiser  to pay the money to your paypal account.

You have to wait for any grab bag as your earning area to start writing on the blogsvertise and unfortunately, there is no guarantee the time WHEN or HOW the grab bag is showing up or coming up in your account.  Based on the experiences of my self as member of the blogsvertise that the grab bag (GBT) shows very fast and never predicted before.  The grab bag (GBT) can show at night, days or even very early morning.

Just take a look at the circle in red here. That is another $ 7,50 which unpaid, and you can see them very clearly here.  The review accepted on May 23rd, and the money should arrive at my paypal account one month later, June 22nd,

The Grab Bag is one of the best facilities provided by the blogsvertise for its member to earn money instead of Paid To Click (PTC) and putting adsense code just like Google Adsense , Bidvertiser , and many other adsense provider.

You can start earning money from any grab bag you received in your account at the blogsvertiser instead of receiving task or assignments directly to your inbox.   My experiences on the blogsvertiser never tell me this, and I have never get any tasks or assignments directly received through inbox.  I always hunt the gran bag when I was signing in.

Basically the grab Bag or GBT was not a real money from the blogsvertise provided for you to grab, and it was only something like a task or similar to it which have been refused by other users and spread randomly through the system controlled by the administrator of the blogsvertise.  You must accept the grab bag (GBT) very quickly at the time you notice them in your account unless it will expire and never exist anymore. (Asep Haryono)

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  1. Congrats kang asep! Hope it will make you happier in blogging.

    Thank you for sharing the tips :)


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