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Thank You My Friends

Dear Blog

I have now had time to consider this time today to write some simple messages to every one whose wish and greeting addressed to me on my 41st Anniversary of my birthday fell April 19th.

As you may have seen right now that I was very rarely wrote my posting at my website and blog since the last two weeks due to I was quite busy these time to cover all my projects, daily activities, my work , and at the same time taking care of my two children and family as well.

I Have A Dream
Some of those whose SMS and inboxes I received this morning clearly stated that the age I was now as the golden moments to start a new life. Is it true and correct? However some people often confirmed the new life begin at 40, and I feel this must be right in some cases but different thing in another. Why is that? I did say that was true, but I must believe in my self that the life should be continue in every way in every conditions.

41 years of age , was not a young again.  I must say that the time was running very fast starting from the time I was borned fourty-one years ago from a Javanese mother stayed in Jakarta (we moved to Bekasi in the next few years later on), taking some times at elementary school and SMP in Jakarta.  One year later,  I followed my family moved into Bekasi,  East gate of Jakarta and completed my Senior High School (year 12) in Bekasi, and then moved my self again to West Kalimantan in 1990.

I never imagined that I have been living in West Kalimantan for a period of around 22 years, and I never thing that I will be that long time right here in the 3rd fat island all across Indonesia..  I feel I have had some cultural shocked at the first time I dropped into in Pontianak, the capital city of West Kalimantan.  Time runs very smoothly and fast that I can't stop until I get married with one clover student of IKIP PGRI Semarang, and Jogjakarta original and got two children right now.

I still have a dream to pursue, and I think every one in this world has a dream too.  Whenever, whatever and whoever you are, in this world, must have a dream to catch on.  I have a dream to travel around the world, and continue my studies in other parts of the world.  Australia, is one of the most wanted country that I would love to go at some times in the future.  With the age I was now, I had no time to play around again with any opportunity that may open wide around me.

I am not so late to pursue my dream.  I am not late.  I still have a chance to succeed. 

With this golden opportunity, I would like to extend my gratitude to my wife, Rudi Maryati S.Pd and our two children , Abbie Muhammad Furqan Haryono and Tazkia Montessori Putri Haryono for their warm welcome, support and also love to be with me forever and ever. 

I would like to say thank you to  every one which already sending me those wonderful birthday greetings, wishes, and expressions of friendship.  May Allah SWT will respon and reply back all of your wonderful noble heart with excellent and outstanding reward from Allah SWT.  Amin Amin Amin ya Robbal Alamin

1 comment:

  1. Once again, happy birthday Kang Asep!

    Barokallahu fii umurika. ^^

    Aamiin for all your wishes and hopes :)


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