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Google Adsense PIN

Dear all. How are you today every one?. Well today, I am pleased to find out that my current balance earning of my only one verified Google Adsense account have reached more than $ 10,00 USD as the requirements to get a PIN from the Google Adsense. Perhaps every one whose online business dealing with generating ads and accept advertising campaign project will recognized the Google Adsense.

There are lots of people around the world whose online business using the ads code used in their website became million dollars person and got many fresh money from their online content. I will remember one of my senior Internet Marketers from Pontianak, mas Eddy Setiawan, whose earnings from the Google Adsense were awesome, and I need to learn more from him someday. Do you know what the Google Adsense is?. Do you know what I mean by the PIN. Basically all information about the Google Adsense can be found very easily by visiting to their official website

What is Google Adsense
If you want an easy way to earn money from your online content, AdSense makes sense. Google AdSense shows the right ads on your website, videos, or even web-based games and you make money. According to Wikipedia tell us that Google AdSense is a program run by Google Inc. that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, and rich media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience.

How the Adsense is working for you? . They are very simple,  you just put the ads code in the form of you like and wait and see.  If someone out there clicks the ads, and you will get revenue.   The webmaster inserts the AdSense JavaScript code into your webpage or blog. and each time this page is visited, the JavaScript code uses inlined JSON to display content fetched from Google's servers.  As I told you before that If someone out there clicks the ads, and you will get revenue.

Please do not click on your own ads, or tell someone else out there to click the ads for you due to the Google Adsense Algorith System can detect you very easily.  They had very awesome and excellent bots to scan and verify the clics for your ads, and you will get ban or account disable for breaking the rules.  All information about the Google Adsense can be found now from their official website

Back to the PIN, well , I tell again this day.  My current earnings now have reached the minimum balance to verify my postal address to received the PIN.  To be verified by the Google Adsense about the address of my self is true and correct, they will mail the PIN to my address within a few days.   

Some people said that the mail will be on their way to me within a few weeks.  I am not sure and I don't know which is true due to this is my very first time in the adsense business with online contents revenue.

The Google Adsense clearly stated that  "to verify your account we automatically generate and mail a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to the payment address listed in your account. Once you receive your PIN, you'll need to enter it at the bottom of this page. In the meantime, your account remains active and you may continue to show ads and accrue earnings".   Well okay , I will follow this rule.  I am pleased to know that the Google Adsense now also valid and can be used in Indonesian content for Indonesian people.  This is a good news for online content marketing business, right?

I do not know the form or size of the Google Adsense PIN, but I can figure out the image of the PIN from searching for the internet.  There is only a code, number code to be inserted in my account at the Google Adsense to verify that the postal address was true and correct. As I told you before that The PIN of the Google Adsense will mail the Google Adsense through the postal address you have submitted in your account.  Once you have inserted the PIN, your address will be officially confirmed

For beginner like me,  I am sure of there are lots of things that I must work out to maximize my earning from the Google Adsense.  According to the Guideline rules of the publishers of the Google Adsense, I will certainly receive Google adsense cheque when the curren balance is reaching a minimum of $ 100,00 USD, and I hope it will come to me sooner or later.   (Asep Haryono)


  1. I havent't tried this google adsense yet, and your post surely guide me how to maximize the use of adsense.

    Thanks a lot Kang Asep, nice post.

  2. Google Adsesn Indonesia is interesting now, but getting difficult to approve publisher, although we have got high page rank... :'( :'(. whay?? Thank to share.. :D


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