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First of all , I would like to express my gratitude for my new blogger joined into my group yesterday, Flfrida Chaniar , who expressed her idea and comment about my topic yesterday, Rujak Petis.

The rujak seller, Kang Asep Bandung , I met a few weeks ago, and I was pleased to know the rujak still exist in the place before, around the museum Pontianak. What a coinciden the name was really the same with mine. The first name was Asep, and my first name was it?

Since it was becoming one of my fave food , instead of rice of course , I have decided to choose the food to complete my dish at sometime in the future. However the taste was quite hot for the chili, I think some of you will certainly love the food either.

I have mentioned in my previous posting about the rujak petis which commonly found in every corner of the city in Pontianak particularly in the area corner around Jalan Ahmad Yani. If you have seen those people with the bad behind with many fruits on the basket, perhaps that is the Rujak seller. You can purchase the food with affordable price, a plastic glass of the rujak can be afforded around Rp.5.000,- (Five thousand rupiahs), and I think you can buy it if you like. Do you like the rujak petis as I do?
It happened again yesteday when I was passing around Jalan Ahmad Yani, especially a place in the corner around TK Islam Al Azhar or particularly in front of the Pempek "Ratu" after all.  I purchased another glass of the rujak petis at the sume of that five thousand rupiahs, and I bought two.  One was for me , and another one was for my wife.  I did not know that my wife loved the food too.   I dropped by for a moment in front of the pempek "Ratu" , across the road , and bought the rujak.

I released my digital camera again to capture the moment.  According to my experiences in tasting the rujak, I had my own opinion tha the rujak petis located around TK Islam Al Azhar or in front of the Pempek "Ratu" in Jalan Ahmad Yani as the most delicious rujak petis for all.   If you purchased the food here, your rujak petis will get additional peanut to make the food more good.    Please have a look two photos below

Photo by Asep Haryono

Photo by Asep Haryono

One thing I noticed for this man I met yesterday was about the place of origin of the food. I was not sure of the label "Rujak Bandung" here means by.  It was the rujak originaly coming from Bandung in Central Java?  Or about the person, the man who selling the food, was from Bandung?.  I did not know for sure as I did not know about the original creator of the rujak petis it self.   Do you know where the rujak petis was coming from? I did not know at all. You tell me.

Each time I purchased the rujak petis, I always put them in my refrigerator at home to get cool sensational, and I feel so good when I was having the rujak in cool however without ice.  I often put some ice too inside the rujak petis to get more cool, however the taste can be different because of the ice.  The small pieces of the fruit as raw material for the rujak petis was really fits for my stomach.  I would love to eat the rujak petis in a small portion.

Lokasi       : Depan Al Azhar, Jalan Ahmad Yani  Pontianak. Kubu Raya. Kalimantan Barat
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