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Today , Four Years Ago

Once upon the time in March 10, 2008, at the time my wife have planned to check her pregnancy who over around 9 months at Rumah Sakit Bersalin "Jeumpa" located in Jalan Sutan Syahrir in Pontianak, the capital city of West Kalimantan.

I still remember quite well that that day is a schedule for my wife to check her pregnancy in a regular date to Dr Taufiq.

I and my wife went to the hospital around at 10.00 AM in the morning that day, and we drove with our motor bike, Honda SupraFix KB 3815 HY , with normal speed to the hospital for daily checking as our monthly routine checking for my wife's pregnancy.

After waiting for one hour, due to lots of "ibu ibu" already on the waiting list, and we came quite late that time however we have made the arrangement to meet the doctor. We both entered the doctor room and starting checking to my wife's pregnancy. "Bu Uut, I think the time to giving birth to baby will be around tomorrow early Subuh" said doctor Taufiq. We both very surprised to know the possibility to give birth to baby will come soon.

Very Touching Moments
"I suggest Bu Uut to stay here and take the room for birth processing will be on tomorrow I hope" said doctor Taufiq. I did not have the money to support my wife to take room at the hospital, and I decided to do so. Paying is another case.

We both finished checking in his room, and we both soon come to the registering desk to order a room due to my wife will be planned to give birth to a baby tomorrow subuh.

I accompanied my wife in the room at night and welcoming Subuh together. The time has come when the time showed exactly at 02.00 WIB nearly Subuh. My wife was suffering and hold her stomach for I don't know what to say. There were more than three nurses helped my wife walked through the room to surgery operation.

I asked permission to one of the nurse to accompany my wife to witness my wife's birth processing. The nurses was wondering whether I was "ready" to see anything that might happen that day including any risk, and I said "yes, I was ready to see the risk".

I came along with my wife and several nurses in the birth processing room that day.

To shorten the stories, the birth processing was running. Unfortunately I was not taking the digital camera to capture the moments of my wife is giving birth to baby. I bought my old fashion camera with me and the camera left behind at the room.

I saw many blood and many nurses helped my wife gave birth to baby.

My wife was screaming, and two of those talented nurses holded down my wife's leg and another two nurses helping in birth processing.

I was beside on my wife's head and I saw the baby was released out and crying very loudly. Yes, that day a baby born safe and sound. Syukur Alhamdulillah, one of the nurses looked at the genital part of the baby and whispered " You have had beauty baby boy". I have had a baby boy. Alhamdulillah. Awesome

One day after giving birth to baby on March 12nd, 2008, my wife and our baby boy stayed in the room together. Photo taken by Asep Haryono

Born in a normal way. Alhamdulillah. Photo by Asep Haryono

I was lucky to capture some photos during that time and I never missed the opportunity to capture some photos around the baby. Some photos taken at the front of the hospital Rumah Sakit Bersalin JEUMPA and some photos with the nurses.

Thanks To Allah SWT for this, and my wife gave birth to baby with normal way. Do you want to know how much the fees are for the baby birth processing at the Rumah sakit Bersalin "JEUMPA"?

My wife ordered another services for the baby boy such as additional food and nutrition, and the total cost were around Rp.1.975.000,- . It was quite affordable with the normal process with that amount.

Four days after the date of the baby born, I and my wife took the baby boy home with the taxi and I bought already many baby's need such as baby's hair oil, bedak bayi (baby powder), baby soap, and many baby's tool including a doll. We had Popeye doll in the room in my house.

My wife at the time ( March 2008) was still teaching TK and KB at Al Azhar located in Jalan Ahmad Yani Pontianak, and we have received many "kado", "bingkisan" and "hadiah" for my wife's teaching staff and partner from the Al Azhar. Yes we received many gifts, prizes and presentation from my friends every where.

A moment with Abbie at home March 2008. Family documentation. Photo by Rudi Maryati

We name our first baby boy with "Abbie Muhammad Furqan Haryono" which meaning something simple, Abbie = joy in Islamic way, Muhammad means because of the march in Islamic calendar was the month of Muhammad born in the world, Rabiul Awal, so we named it after the month. The Furqan means "To differentiate the good and bad things" and the last name "Haryono" is my last name, Asep Haryono

There was a little story behind the name of Abbie here. Do you know Mr Viryan Azis? I think many of you recognized mr Viryan Azis , a great man of Dompet Umat. The name "Abbie" was from Mr Viryan Azis's idea and suggestion. I requested a name to him, and he suggested the name "Abbie" for the baby. As token of appreciation , I and my wife agree with his idea, and we name our baby boy with the first name "Abbie". Thanks Mr Viryan

A short vide of Abby at Taman Fantasia Kalbar at Jalan Ahmad Yani II. The video taken at Syawal 1431 . Video taken by Asep Haryono

Ladies And Gentlemen,

Today, four years ago, a baby boy born at 12 March 2008 or 04 Rabiul Awal 1429 H at Rumah Sakit Bersalin "Jeumpa" located in Jalan Sutan Syahrir Pontianak, the capital city of Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Today's birthday is for Abbie Muhamamd Furqan Haryono.

Abbie Muhammad Furqan Haryono and his younger sister, Tazkia Montessori Putri Haryono. Photo by Asep Haryono

Abbie is now at TK and KB Al Azhar Pontianak, and he was taught by Emma and Bu Nur at the school. Abbie entered the school three times a week ; Tuesday, Thursday and Friday , and I took him drive and pick up at the school. Happy Birthday our son, Abbie Muhammad Furqan Haryono, Happy Birthday my son. Love and Hugs from Ayah and Bunda

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  1. Aaaaa, I was crying when reading the process of Abbie's birth :') It must be very nice moment when a husband could be beside his wife to give a birth :') *crying again, what a sobbed sister I am hikz*

    Happy birthday Abbie Muhammad Furqon Haryono. Keep being a cute boy, growing as a sholeh man, can give a high pride to your Ayah and Bunda, have a great bliss fiddunya wal akhirah, and pray for me to have a twin soon ya Abbie ^^ *request :p


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