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Small Memories At Pop Harris Jakarta, 2010

I was so lucky able to attend MDGs seminar held in Jakarta as as one of Indonesian delegates on "Government and Parliamentary Synergy Progress Toward For Accelerating To Achieve MDGs by 2015" conference held at JW Marriott Kuningan Jakarta lastl 16 th to 19th of September 2010, I have some stories behind the conferences, fun with the Indonesian delegates and from other countries, food experiences and business contact.

During the conference , I personal y feel that there was lost atmosphere especially with the other participant of the conference which for me stiil far away from our main target , full of discussion. Most of the participant of the conference are from university students and staff of some local government all across Indonesia.

During the conference of Millenium Development Goal (MDGs) held at the JW Marriot Kuningan from 16 to 19 of September 2010, all participants of the conference from Indonesian delegates and other countries stayed at the POP Haris Tebet Jakarta. Today's stories is a small memories I have had during staying at the hotel.

There are two other countries as their primary native speakers during the conference, they are from the Philippines, and Thailand.  Those two countries were invited to tell some information on the achievement of the MDGs in their countries.  However from Indonesia, the local government of D.I Yogjakarta has been invited to present the seminar too.  Some representatives from friendly countries such as Singapore Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam and other countries have been presented the seminar too.

Pop Harris Jakarta With Love

Let's forget those boring stories about the MDGs conference, and I felt boring too to post the details on this posting. I just want to post some interesting whatever it takes for my readers , and I hope this part will be interesting for you all either.  Staying at Pop Harris Tebet Jakarta. Having posted the wonderful moment at All Seasons in Bali, now I try to post about the Pop Harris Jakarta in today's story.

Unlike the POP Haris in Denpasar Bali, the POP Haris Tebet Jakarta is more sophisticated and well-organised hotel with wonderful experiences for their guess.  The Pop Haris Tebet located in the heart of Jakarta's central business district.  The hotel location is only 10 minutes from prime Jakarta entertainment spots and restaurants, and 45 minutes from Cengkareng International Airport.

COOL : POP Haris Tebet Jakarta, look so cool outside view. Photo courtesy Pop Haris Tebet

READY TO GO : Participants of the MDGs conference ready to heading to JW Mariott.  Photo Asep Haryono

It was very difficult to know more about the POP Haris Tebet for myself, so I decided to look for the information from other references. The POP Haris Tebet Jakarta has aroyund 180 Harris rooms and suites featuring contemporary Design , Satellite Television , Mini-bar , Tea & Coffee Facilities , Laundry Service , Aromatherapy and  FREE WiFi Internet as well.

Simply exciting. Fun activities for guests of all sizes. Relaxation at the pool. Playtime in the Kids Corner. A soothing massage in the spa. Leisure facilities include  Swimming Pool ,  Kids Corner (Weekend) ,  Fitness Centre , Spa and Reflexolog too.  All those facilities are available to those who want to stay at the POP Haris Tebet.  The fee for one night at the hotel starting from Rp. 678.000 net for one or two persons.

Cool Room

Indonesian delegates started staying at the POP Haris Tebet by night, particulary near Magrib time around 18.10 WIB, having seen the JW Marriott for briefing for the conference in the following days.   All Indonesian delegates received the key for one room.  All participants of the MDGs conference should use one room for two persons, and I was so luck to have alone in my room, 707

There is a little story behind the room 707 at the time I have been paired with two persons from different board , still in Indonesia delegates. Unfortunately those two persons were not happy living in the room due to the spaces quite small for them.  I did not pay attention to this, but they were seems very pleasure to give the room for myself alone.  That is fine for me of course.

Please take a look at some photos I took during the lobby and reception rooms including inside the room 707, my room.  I have taken some other photos at the same time, but I decided to select some small portions to avoid too much images here.  I think it was cool to display some photos or images on this posting to give clearer situation based on the photos instead of words, right?  

Take a look at the photos I took  below :

 ROOM : All participants of MDGs conference at JW Marriott for Indonesia delegates receiving keys to their rooms.  I was lucky to have my own in my room at that time

ROOM :  This is my room.  I was alone in my room hehehe. Feel like a king.  Photo by Asep Haryono

NOT BAD :  Cozy style and style.  This is my type.  Photo by Asep Haryono

Nice Restaurant

It is now for me to tell you about the food, and the meals.  Do you like the food as I do?.   I and other Indonesia delegates during the MDGs conference at the JW Marriot there went together to inside restaurant at the Pop Haris Jakarta.  I felt so much fun and great sensations at the first time I saw the situation and the style of the restaurant at the POP Haris Jakarta.

Such a sweet sensations really which I have never felt like this before.   All participation members can taste some food available to grab inside the restaurant including lunch on Indonesian favorites and Asian delights.  My friends and me got some snack on Harris pastries at the same time and got some fresh water or drinking a glass of Harris orange juice.  You can get warmed up for fun with a Harris cocktail too

As usual, I prepared my digital camera and start capturing some moments at that time.  Just take a look at some photos I took during having meals, and breakfast at the restaurant inside the POP Haris Tebet Jakarta.  The photos displayed as follows :

WARM : You can have your meals with the sun shine around you.  Photo by Asep Haryono

JUICE :  Wanna try the orange jouice or guava or anything else? Try here. Enjoy.  Photo by Asep Haryono

GOOD : A glass of milk, croissant , a slice of beef meat , pineapple butter?  I had it all together.  So good for my opening break fast that day.   Photo by Asep Haryono

BAKSO :  You like Bakso SAPI?  I do.  Its so good with chili.  I love it.   Photo by Asep Haryono

WITH KONSEP : Take a photo with othe Indonesia delegate, Konsep Wicaksono from Jakarta.  Photo by ADS

See You Again

Some of the Indonesia delegates at the time requested me to join with them at the swimming pool ahead of the restaurant after the break fast. I told them that I was not able to swim.  Do you believe that I cannot swim every one? That is the fact, and I cannot swim at all.  I appreciated their requested, so I decided to accompany with them at the swimming pool.  Looking at them from the edge of the pool.

Some participant, Indonesia delegates from Jakarta, requested me to join with them to have for dinner around Tebet by walking at night around at 20.00 WIB, well I cannot refuse their request at this time.  I have refused their request in the swimming pool, and I did not want to disappoint them again this time.  I decided to join with them.  We walked through the streets around the hotel to go warung or cafe close the hotel.

Some of the Indonesian delegates were joined together including me, and I feel like a reunion members of the Youth Engagement Summit last 2009 in Kuala Lumpur due to some of them were participant on that meeting.   Someone took the photo when having the dinner at that time, and the photo have been published again on this posting.  I forgot the name of the person who took the photo of our dinner that time.

DINNER :  For left to right Deslina, Yofrina, Setywati, Raymon Sembiring, ADM ,  Anggun, me, ADS, Mita Mardiah and the right lady with kerudung is Sri Lihayat from Jakartai.  The last name I mentioned, Sri Lihayati, was in Pontianak for one month last April 2012.  I met her with Hulq. Thanks again for having Simpang Ampek in Gajah Mada Pontianak ya. 

SWIM : I cannot swim ladies and gentlemen.  Hehehe. I decided to seat back at the edge of the swimming pool. A friend of mine took this photo for me. Thanks bro.  Photo by Raymon Sembiring

INDONESIA DELEGATES : I took photo together with some other Indonesian delegates on MDGs conference at the JW Mariott Kuningan Jakarta. I knew some of them and met them during YES Conference in Kuala Lumpur last 2009.  Photo someone

I think that will be all for now. It is very very short stories right?.   In the next posting, If have spare times, I have planned to post some stories during the MDGs conference at the JW Mariott Jakarta including some touring locations at the Batavia Cafe, Mekarsari Bogor, Ciater, Musium Bank Indonesia and many other interesting stories.  Insya Allah.  To be continued.   (Asep Haryono)

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  1. HAH?! Seriously you can't swim kang asep? Hihihihi I'm surpriseeeeed to know that :p

    By the way what was that, the purple thing on the bread? Meat? Looks yummy (ˆڡˆ)


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