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Hello everyone. How are you today? Today's posting is a small thing. I do not know for sure for how long I will write. You can guess where the article are heading to by just looking at the title of my posting today "My brand new MIO".

MIO? Yes that is very common name for biker, it is a brand name of motor cycle produce in Indonesia especially in West Kalimantan. It is belong to me? Well actually there is not belong to mine, and the MIO is my wife's property, and I sometimes use the MIO for some locations around in Pontianak.

As matter of fact , we have had two motor cycles at the moment, one is Honda Supra Fit KB 3815 HY and Yamaha MIO, KB 2040 UT and those vehicles played very important roles to support our daily activities.

There was a story behind the reason we decided to purchase , through credit absolutely , that brand new motor cycle which I would love to share with all of the readers here.

Need More Transportation
It is not an easy thing to decide purchasing a new motor cylce if the time is not right and appropriate these days especially when we need to purchase more important things for our children, for food, for school tuition, for my own needs and for our kitchen which need to be aware of.

Since the last three years , I took my pride taking care of riding my wife to Rasau in Kabupaten Kubu Raya.   As you have not known before that my wife has been teaching English  at SMA Negeri 1 Kubu Raya Kecamatan Kubu.  If you are living in Pontianak, you need to ride your vehicle again until the Rasau Port.  You can continue the journey through the water transportation via Kapal Paket or relate boat to the Rasaw.

The problem arouse when that only one motor bike should take and bring my son at Al Azhar Pontianak as the same time with ridining my wife to the Rasau.  I picked up and took my son at the Al Azhar three times a week, and I used the same motor bike, Honda SUpra Fit. 

In order words, the only one motor cycle has been used for many reasons, for many goals. We depended on the only bike to do many things, taking my wife to Rasau, picking up my son at Azhar Pontianak, and my needs to go the office every day. It was really very tiring and need more concentration to do many things with only one transportation.

That is our primary reasons why we had nothing else to do, we had nothing option again beside taking this decision : purchasing another one motor cycle.  The option falls to Yamaha production, and I do not know why my wife decided to use Yamaha instead of Honda.  I have using the Honda since around 2005,  and I was satisfied with the bike due to Gasoline consumption is very little, very effective cost.

Credit Option Payment
Having discussed very intensively a few days before we decided to purchase through BAF , financial leasing company , we have agreed to choose the Yamaha for another motor bike.  My wife has decided to comply with all rules, including method of payment from the BAF to set up everything in terms of taking MIO at home.

The date has come, around a few months ago,  witnessed by me and my son,  the MIO bike arrived safe and sound at my home at Komplek Duta Bandara Permai Blok C6/14 around Supadio, Pontianak    A staff and crew from the Yamaha Pontianak brought the motor through their car to my home,  and I took some photos during the signing process and hand over celebration at home.

My wife signed some BAF rules and obligations to comply,  and the process of hand over the motor has been successfully conducted that day.  As new customer of the Yamaha,  my wife received many goodies from the Yamaha for this purchasing process such as hand glove , red jacket, helmet,  and small bag.  Having signed the letter of Memorandum of understanding, my wife received the key.   The MIO now officially owned by my wife.

ARRIVED : The MIO Arrived at home.  Photo by Asep Haryono

MOU : My wife signed the hand over letter and MOU from BAF.  Photo by Asep Haryono

TWO : Honda Supra Fit , my bike, now had a friend Yamaha Mio belongs to my wife.Photo by Asep Haryono

GIFT : Jacket, Hand Gloves, Helmet and other stuff as your gift for this purchasing process. My wife loves red color,  while I loves black one. Photo by Asep Haryono

My wife was pleased to get the MIO as she would love to get a new one as she has been dreaming of.  In other words, we decided to afford a new motor bike is for "gaya gayaan" or for fashion only just to make people impress to us that we have two motor cylces.   We decided to purchase the MIO due to many important reasons.

One of the reasons is about the time consuming.  It was really very tiring and need more time to take care of taking and bringing some things to the different areas with the only one motor bike.  By having the two bikes can be hope that business can run smoothly ,  and for this reason my wife does not have to wait for me to take or bring her home.

I used to drive the MIO for weeks just to feel how look alike driving the Yamaha Mio, taking care of and picking my son from and to Al Azhar Pontianak.  I felt the MIO is good enough and easy to operate due to I don't have to use the gear system like HONDA has.  

I need only a few hours to know that the MIO is fun and easy to ride.   How about HONDA like my motor bike, well, I would love to use the HONDA productions instead of the Yamaha.  I have been riding on my HONDA KB 3815 HY since 2005, and based my experiences I can say that the HONDA is very excellent and efficiency in fuel consumption.  How about you?  (Asep Haryono)


  1. My very first time riding a matic bike was in Jogja, around UGM :D and I confirm that I will not ride any matic bike here. I'm always nervouse everytime I ride the matic bike since I'm not get used to ride the matic one.

    For my daily activity, I also ride Honda. My first motor bike-riding was Honda Grand, 3839 AY, my mother's. Then I had Honda Supra 3830 H0 in my senior high school till the middle of semester at campus. And until now, I ride Honda Revo 5501 NI which my parents bought me for my birthday gift :D

    Just like growing up with Honda ya hehehehe..

    Have a nice ride with the brand new MIO for your wife. Great one, riding to Rasau Jaya, it's far enough..

  2. hemmmm ne dari blogvertise ya gan.......
    wah selamat ya
    kapan ne traktiran hehe


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