KangGURU Indonesia At Volare FM - Part Three

Ogi ngGURU Indonesia At Volare FM
Sunday, 3 April 2011 For Listener Meeting
By Asep HaryonoOgi left Denpasar very early to catch the 10 o’clock flight to Pontianak. Do you know who is Ogi Yutarini from Kang Guru Indonesia? Well, if you have not recognized here, Ogi is one of the top managers at Kang Guru Indonesia in the field of Project Coordinator.

If you did not know about about us at the Kang Guru Indonesia and its their wonderful programs all across Indonesia, then I suggested you all to find the complete information to their official website at Kang Guru Indonesia which open 24 hours a day Seven Days a week.

Many local radios all across Indonesia broadcasted the Kang Guru Indonesia including all RRI Stations all over Indonesia either. The Kang Guru Indonesia has been completed its program last 2010, and they are waiting for further program called EPOS or Education Program Outreach Services which might start on June 2012 this year.

Today's posting is about the program at Radio Volare FM located in Jalan Sumatera Pontianak. This stories actually happened last Sunday, April 3rd , 2011 and I am pleased to retell the moment for you all my readers. A memories that we are not able to forget, a moment of the Kang Guru Indonesia visited at the Volare Fm and conducted some activities.

I have been invited by Bu Temi , Program Director of the Volare FM Pontianak , to welcome Ogi Yutarini to conduct some activities at the radio located in Jalan Sumatera Pontianak. I was already at the locatio a few minutes before Ogi. Then Ogi had to rush to Radio Volare FM. Mbak Temi, the station manager, with her students and other listeners were there already including me absolutely .

Usual Visit at Volare FM

Before the actual show conducted with the Kang Guru Indonesia and the Volare FM in Pontianak, a few days before, I have met a real action when the program of the Kang Guru Indonesia on air at the Volare FM. I have seen the real program hosted by one interactive English presenters at the location and I found out there two young girls , students of the high school , as their guest on the program, Yunita And Uwly Albab

I took some photos during this prrgram was running, and as usual, I released my primary digital camera , Nikon Cooplix L19 , to capture the moments with some photos taken, and recorded a small video during the show. You can watch the video along with this posting. You can hear and see the programs taken care of by the presenters in every way.

This is a discussion in English Program conducted on air at Volare FM Pontianak

I took these three girls displaying our bulletin. Thanks ya. We really appreciate it.
Photo by Asep Haryono

The program lasted about one hour hosted by Miss Dini Haiti Zulfani dan and Miss Rienda as Interactive English Presenter. "Accroding to my point of view, by participate actively at school especially at the English cliub, we will able to get many chances to practice our English even better and we are happy to know the school always support this initiatives " said Yunita time during the show.

Programs On Location

The day has come. Ogi arrived at the Volare FM Radio that day, Sunday 3rd April 2011. Bu Temi, Program Director of the Volare FM Pontianak , has invited her students to attend the listener meeting broadcasted on the radio that day. They were from Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri in Pontianak. I tool some photos during the activities at the studio of the Volare FM Pontianak.

some of them listen to KGI regularly. The others only knew about KGI a week before that meeting. The response was positive. Here what they said: theme songs are great, background music should be off or make it very low when people talking, help of vocabulary is needed to help listeners catch the story, and 30 minutes show is better.

After two hours our visit finished but we managed to do two games and took pictures together at the end of the visit. I was so lucky to capture some of those photos during the presentation. I took them with my cheapest digital camera, Nikon Coolpix L19 , with auto mode. The photos taken described as follows :

Students of Sekolah Tinggi Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri. Photo By Asep Haryono

Students of Sekolah Tinggi Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri. Photo By Asep Haryono

One of the students of the Sekolah Tinggi Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri being interviewed by Ogi.
Photo By Asep Haryono

"Okay guys , let's play the game, and get the prize" said Ogi.
Photo By Asep Haryono

Students of Sekolah Tinggi Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri.Cute, huh? O yes.
Photo By Asep Haryono

Ogi demonstrated how the game is played. Photo By Asep Haryono

According to Bu Temi , Program Director of the Volare FM , the existing Kang Guru Indonesia program on her radio not only focusing on turning the cassettes which have been prepared before every week.

But they were packed in interactive ways by providing different speakers or guest on every shows. She confirmed us to run the program to other schools in Pontianak and offered the teacher or students as our guest every week.

The program runs very well then on the studio, and the students of the participants of the presentation were keen to listen to the Kang Guru Indonesia program however some of them did not know for sure on the wave channel of the Kang Guru Indonesia broadcasted in Pontianak.

The Volare FM is another private sector of the radio which have been officially associated with the Kang Guru Indonesia to launch its program instead of the RRI Pro2 Pontianak.

A moment with Bang Jerry from the Radio Volare FM, a broadcaster, and culinary lovers indeed. Photo by Istimewa

A.B.Dony Prayudi or bang Jerry, broadcaster, and Ibu Dewi Utami or Bu Temi, Program Director.
Photo by Asep Haryono

Special thanks shoukd be addressed to two wonderful people of the Volare FM Pontianak whose help and assistance very valuable for the Kang Guru Indonesia with Ogi, A.B.Dony Prayudi or bang Jerry, broadcaster, and Ibu Dewi Utami or Bu Temi, Program Director. All their valuablle support, ideas and suggestions for the Kang Guru Indonesia will always be appreciated.

Asep Haryono
Former Kang Guru Indonesia Champion - Pontianak Kalimantan Barat
2005 - 2010


  1. Awww, this one is the moment when I got so many KGI merchandises \^.^/

    At the time I also met one of my students in Bimbel, Rayinda, who surprisingly was the student of Mbak Temi, too. Kind of wonderful reunion after so long time we didn't meet. Thanks KGI!

    By the way, the name of the guest speaker is not Lia but Uwly Albab. I still remember because they are my students in MAN 2 hihihi.. But that's OK kang, there's LyA in UwlyAlbab :p

  2. @diniehz : Thanks for the information abou the name as the guest, and I have fixed the name now.

    Also I have fixed the HTML code to embed video I have recorded during my visiting to the Volare FM. A short clip I think. Thanks so much for your comments here. I really appreciate it

    Hsppy Blogging

    Asep Haryono
    Blogger/Adsense Publisher/SEO learner

  3. wowwww.... woooowwww...... saya gemuk sekali :( hehehehe tarararatengkyu kang asep, i love this! like this yow


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