My First Time In Malaysia, 1994

Traveling to abroad is one of my ultimate dreams for the rest of my life. I will do anything to support this initiative which can be very wonderful thing to be done to make my life is happy and rejoicing. For those whose financial support was enough to support their trips to abroad , I just can say congratulations to them.

For those whose family are not from wealthy parent like me , there will be lots of things I can do to make the dream come true such as through contest , scholarship , and with my own budget after all. I still remember my bad times in Youth Exchange Program selection process conducted in around 1995-1996 where I failed twice in the selection. I never forget the moment my name was not on the winner list to go abroad. You wanna know?

in 1995 , when I was still at University of Tanjungpura Pontianak, there was an offer from the Youth Service of the government of Indonesia in Pontianak for the youth to participate in the Youth Exchange Test selection process. There were three programs offered : Canada for 9 months, SSEAYP (Ship For South East Asia Youth Program) for 6 months and the last one for Australia for three months. I choose Australia and I failed at that time.

The second chance was one year later, in 1996, and I failed again. My second failure in the youth exchange test when I chose SSEAYP program, and my name was nearly to the winner of the program. I was on runner up only. My heart was broken that time, and I felt the world was not pleased to welcome me to travel the world at the time. I was feeling desperate and not doing the right things ever since.

First Time In Abroad

At the time I was feeling desperate, there was an offer from Senate of FKIP Untan to go Malaysia to conduct "Titian Muhibah Seni dan Kebudayaan" or "Cultural and Art Exibition" to East Malaysia, particularly at Institute Techonology Mara or Mara Institute of Technology (AIT), Kuching, East Malaysia located in Sarawak, Malaysia.

I have never been in that country and I felt something new in every thing. I though Malaysia is the real abroad, and I felt be happy of hearing that I was accepted to join with some students from different faculties of the FKIP Untan to go Malaysia that time.

The time has come, and in 1st to 10th of February 1994 ,the chance has come to me finally. Having disappointed two times on the youth exchange selection process at dikbud Pontianak , I did not think twice to accept their offer and join with the Senate of the FKIP Untan to trip to ITM Sarawak in East Malaysia.

I still remember some names in our groups that time, they are Sukiman, Sukarti , Sukiman, Delisbeth, Aisyah, Utin Laviana, Yeti Suyasti, Sri Nuraeni, and Eni Rosnija. I forgot some other names due to it was very long time ago. We all took a DAMRI BUS to take us to the country.

I did not remember again how long it took to the gate of Malaysia border in Entikong, but one thing to be sure of the journey we were doing was very tiring and also interesting. I saw many beautiful places, people and land scape around the area of the trip on our DAMRI BUS, and then we were finally reached the Entikong border.

I did not pose a passport that time, and just had "Surat Perjalanan Laksana Passpor" or abbreviated with SPLP issued by the immigration department in West Kalimantan for once usage only. This SPLP or well-known as "Travel Document in Lieu of a Passport" is an Indonesian travel document issued to persons who do not have other appropriate travel documents, for the purpose of proceeding to and from Indonesia. This definition derived from Wikipedia online today.

I brought my old fashion film camera ( I did not use digital one like these days-red), and the camera was FUJI DL-25 series only. I still remembered the type of the camera during my trip to ITM Sarawak with the senate of the FKIP Untan last February 1994. The photo I have taken during the trip have been published to all of you , my loyal readers. The following photos can be viewed as follows :

Me and friends after visiting to Kuching Muzeum under the bridge of 2020 campaign of Malaysia development.

Museum Sarawak (Sarawal Muzeum) was behind me. I was impressed with good and greeny grass in front of the muzeum and decided to take a photo in front of them

The building behind me was Riverside Majestic. Awesome

A moment with a staff of Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (North Kuching City Hal) with Ending Panglima. I remembered his name quite well. I hope I will meet again someday

My room mate at ITM Sarawak Malaysiang, ZOe and Hasyim at Kolej Putra (Student Dorm) Bilik 3 Wing 4. I got excellent BATIK from Zoe I kept today. Thanks Zoe.

Me and the Senate of FKIP UNTAN with some student from ITM Sarawak in front of Kuching Muzeum. The muzeum was still under construction during we visited the building.

During visiting to Sarawak Cultural Village or ampong Budaya. In Indonesia we may call "Taman Mini Indonesia Indah" or the beauty Indonesia Miniature. Not bad

I have several photos I took during this moment, but unfortunately I did not remember where I put the files and negative slide of the photos. If I have found them again someday, I would do my best to upload and compete the rest. During this visit, I was lucky to meet Ending Panglime ,a senior staf at DBKU or Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (North Kuching City Hal) with Ending Panglima. I remembered his name quite well. I hope I will meet again someday.

The programs conducted during this cultural and art exhibition have been conducted successfully with the students of the ITM Sarawak, and I made many personal contact with some of the students especially with those room mate Zoe and Hasyim. We visited many tourist spots in Sarawak such as Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) , Fort Margrita , Kuching Muzeum and Water Front.

Special moment I got from my friends there , two young ladies of AIT students, Magdalena Jimos and Angela Samson. I got small souvenir from Angela Samson in person as token of appreciation.

As i have mentioned before that I met Ending Panglima, a senior staff at
Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (North Kuching City Hal) , and based on his clue, I finally met his younger brother, Teguh Tessa in Pontianak. "Please met him when you're back to Pontianak" said Ending Panglima that time.

Have you seen the photo of me and Teguh Tessa on this page? I think you already have seen it. I met Teguh Tessa, or prefer to be called as "iloek" , is original Malaysian and I met him many times. The recent meeting accidentally happened in the last 2005, when he made a visit to my office at Pontianak Post Jalan Gajah Mada. I took a photo together with him.

I think that will be all for now. The next posting was still in my trip to Malaysia, especially in Kuching again. The program under BKKBN or Natronal Family Planning Coordination Board on last 8th to 10th of June 2007, Insya Allah. Cath you later ya. (Asep Haryono)

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  1. WOWWW!!

    This is really great! To still have such old photo collections is a remarkable thing..

    By the way, Ms Eni Rosnija is my lecturer, she taught me English Grammar II in my 3rd semester in FKIP :D

    Very nice experience kang asep. So lucky to have this chance with ESA fellas :)

    Great posting..


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