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I would like to apologize for not posting my latest articles for several days due to I have to finish my business with Rumahweb hosting and domain company based in Jogjakarta. As I have mentioned in my previous articles "My blog has been suspended" by the company due to overdue payment which have been limited in February 26th, 2012.

I am pleased to know that one of my primary blogs has been returned back online again since a few days ago. Having paid the amount of around $ 8,25 USD or equal to around Rp.75.000,- (Seventy Five Thousand Rupiahs) for payment of the next three months, now the system has allowed the blog to be recovered again. I am proud to announce to all people here that one of my blogs, , has been returned back online again as usual.

History of my website
Actually I have a little bit confusing with the content of the website whose vision are similar to the webpage or homepage. In the other interpretation, the content is daily update which similar to blogging activities. Regarding the lay out or the architecture of the page could be in every way and you can name it after you have sen the lay out of the site.

I would like to invite you to visit Asep Haryono site before giving your opinions for a few seconds if you want. Having seen the site, then I will give you more and more time to decide is that a blog or a web page?. As website content updater or administrator of the site, I would like to stress that the type of the site is remain website not a blog however I might post or submit latest articles every day.

Basically it does not really matter for every one or blogger, right?. As long as you post or submit every latest article every day or a few couple days a week, they can be considered as blog. A blog platform now can be variety according your need. Some people said the type of the blog could be the same as website and vice versa; type of a website can be in the form of a blog pattern. It does not really matter for blogger. It just a name matter only.

I started design a website in 1995 (when still at univ-red) , and I worked on my own with using HTML (hypertext Mark Up Language) only. I have learned the code of the HTML when I was at univ at FKIP UNTAN. I used cyber Untan or BPJIU (Badan Pengelola Jaringan Internet Universitas) which located very close to the campuss of the FKIP Untan.

I would like to express my gratitude for some Cyber Untan staff at the time whose skills have been delivered to me for IT and website learning such as Irfan Rismayandi, Eko Wahyudi , Teguh Santoso , Zulkarnaen, and some other Cyber untan staff which I was not able to remember their name. I knew their face, but I forgot the name.

They taught me on website designing using the HTML code and allowed me to use the computers available on the Cyber Untan without paying much money. I still remember all users of the net should write down on the paper the time they start using the net, and must back again to pay for their net fees after finishing using it. I heard the sytem now being replaced by the billing system on the computer screen right?

RumahWeb Jogjakarta
I used free template , free domain names, and free hosting all together. I still remember the first time I used the geocities and angelfire free hosting services (now it disspear already-red) , for several years. I copied the source code of the website online, and I try to edit the code (because of I knew little bit about the HTML coding) and became a fresh and unique website with my creations. Huaaaaaaaa.

Time is changing very quickly , since around 2005, I registered my paid domain name and hosting "" at Indosite Jakarta for five years. I was not satisfied with their services and support, then I moved all my data from the Indosite to Plaza Hosting domain services based in Bali for one year only. Again I did not get satisfaction with their services. A few months later, I decided to use RumahWeb based in Jogjakarta ever since.

I love using the rumah web domain and hosting services based in Jogjakarta, Central Java due to their excellent and awesome services for loyal customer like me. Ehm ehem.

They provided many kinds of contact information which can be used by customers such as email , telephone , faxes , or online contact form where we can chat up with their representatives online.

The rumahweb also provides tickets services which can be used as media to bridge their customers and providers get together in solving problems. Once you submit the problem with their ticket service, then their expert technicians will be back to you less than 24 hours. Awesome services.

The rumahweb is not only for maintaining business services between the customers and the company, they also provide some free information for the customers or non customers to get more information about the internet, CMS , tools and applications as well. I recommend you to use the rumahweb as one of your best hosting and domain references.

Fact About
I have seen many times about my website right here with the high level domain address at and I have seen many changes since the website has been developed for years.

It came after
making many revisions from old fashion and free hosting services such as Geocities , Angelfire, Tripod and also from Brinkster. All those free hosting services gave me much profit and benefits from creating free websites by using many free templates available on the Internet. What happen now?

I have developed my website in every way. First of all, I created many contents with HTML only and designed them by using HTML editor and put the HTML codes into those free hostings mentioned above.

I am not satisfied with their facilities in which I am not able to create many creative contents and features in addition to those HTML format. Times goes by , I redesigned the websites by using basic content management system in the year of around in 2009 or something. I cannot remember well though.

Since around 2008 , if I was not mistaken , I tried to redesign and edited my website like Pro by registering high level domain and hosting services from Indosite Jakarta for 5 years. I found many errors and got many trouble from this domain and hosting provider based in Jakarta.

A few years later, I moved all contents of my previous hosting and domain services in
Indosite Jakarta, and moved to Plaza Hosting which based in Denpasar Bali. Again and again I got many troubles and difficulties in using services in the Plaza Hosting. Since around 2010, if I was not mistaken again, I moved all contents and hosting from previous the plaza hosting service into rumahweb based in Jogjakarta.

I was so happy in using the rumahweb based in Jogajarta, Central Java , for their best and good quality services for customer like me. The staff and Customer Services and admin personell are pro and capable of taking care of my trouble and difficulties.

I registered my website, from that rumahweb hosting and domain providers based in Jogjakarta for many years until now. I changed the lay out and appearance of my website from local and simple HTML into simple and basic content management system (CMS) Joomla 1.5 version from Siteground I knew there are lots of joomla version, but I prefer to use the old fashion , Joomla 1.5, due to I was familiar with its contents, navigator, facilities and control panel

Traffic and Rank
It was not easy as I think about the traffic and rank of my website. I followed all information and instructions from many friends from several forums and also social network communities such as kaskus, sctv community, indosiar and many others forum.

I tried to find out many simple and easiest way of improving my website traffic including submitting many free website directories based on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The result might be different from many pro and outstanding website, I guess.

But who knows yah. I checked my page rank from many page rank checkers available on the internet such as Alexa , Rank Checker and Page rank checker tools. I found two page rank websites to check my website's traffic and popularity. I have enclosed herewith two results of those page rank checker that I have found which you might find interesting.

Checked with
Now you can see my Alexa Traffic Rank is 4.531.895, and 29 in Reputation

Checked with
You can see very clearly that my page rank is 3 from the scale 1 to 10 or 3/10

Checked with
You can see that the domain is VALID and Traffic Rank is 4.531.895. This is very interesting due to the traffic rank here has the same result with Alexa with the total rank is 4.531.895. We can see that the traffic number is VALID too

Now you can compare this website traffic with your own website or blogs. I am still looking for good back links and promote my website in every search engine which is free , of course , and also maintaining my website with regular updating and posting relevant topic with original content to improve traffic and hopefully will improve the page rank too. It was a great job and duty for the year 2012 to maintain my traffic remain 3, or even making it better become higher page rank at sometime in the future.

Could I add however that from the domain age and whois details, I am able to find out that my website domain age has been existed for
4 years 5 months 19 days (According to Whois created on 02.10.2007). and the website has been registered at 2007-10-02 and Expiration date at 2012-10-02 , well wonderful. Amazing. I cannot imagine that the domain name I used here has been lasting for around 4 years. . (Asep Haryono)

(Asep Haryono)

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  1. Oooh, I thought you have some days off from posting hehe..

    Well then, it's a website, of which the page rank is 3, great! 4 years having the site is an achievement Kang Asep, congrats..

    Mine is still zero huhuhu..

    I hope by posting n updating the site regularly will give good impact to my blog, and your website too :D


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