My Blog Has Been Suspended

Dear All. Today I got very sad news from domain and hosting services located in Jogjakarta, Central Java , confirming that my blog at has been suspended since yesterday.

One of the biggest reasons from the hosting and domain services is over due payment that I have to do , and I was so late in purchasing the membership of the hosting for three months at the sum of Rp.75.000,- (Seventy Five Thousand Rupiahs) or equal to about $ 8,2 USD.

My blog at has been registered at Rumah web hosting and domain company based in Jogjakarta since the period of around five years ago using Professional type of 250 MB. The price of one single month payment is about Rp.25.000,- (Twenty Five Thousand Rupiahs) and should be paid on time with bank account, or paypal service.

Method of Payment
If you are interested in using rumah web Jogjakarta as your main reference to store your data and information for your own personal website or blog, it is a good idea to purchase your membership in regular basis unless the services will be terminated or even suspended.

I love using rumahweb hosting and domain services due to their very usage of its control panel including auto-installer programs called "fantastico" or Softaculous for your quick resources in bulding up-to-date website or blog. You can even use their simple SiteBuilder for those whose internet knowledges are limited.

Dealing with method of payment, then rumahweb provided some easy tools to make easier in paying or purchasing their services such as using ATM (Automatic Teller Machine), Internet Banking, Bank Account or simply by cash. Which one you prefer?. I prefer sending money through bank account through ATM to the Internet Banking.

I often use my verified paypal account to purchase membership extension to the Rumahweb, however they need to be verified first due to the different currency committed among American Dollar and Rupiah as our national currency.

In come cases, I would love to use my verified paypal to sending money through ATM. Do you want to know why I say so? Do you have verified paypal account like mine?

The paypal itself is one of the most welcome method of payment by many people around the world. They claimed themselves as " The world's most-loved way to pay and be paid", and I found it true and correct.

If you have any credit card with you today, and use the card for purchasing good or services online, you expose your credit card number in their online from right? Well , that things is absolutely high risk to take.

By using the paypal is very simple in paying or purchasing anything online all over the world, and you are not allowed to expose any confidential information online. You don't have to write down your bank number or credit card number online which can be detected by bad people like hacker and other abuse attempts.

In conclusions, the rumah web offers several bank accounts for the customer to pay for their services such as Bank Central Asia (BCA), Bank Mandiri , Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) , CIMB Niaga , and BII. My bank is not on their list of accepted bank, so I have to use other ways of sending the money such as using ATM and my verified paypal account.

I love using the rumah web domain and hosting services based in Jogjakarta, Central Java due to their excellent and awesome services for loyal customer like me. Ehm ehem.

They provided many kinds of contact information which can be used by customers such as email , telephone , faxes , or online contact form where we can chat up with their representatives online.

The rumahweb also provides tickets services which can be used as media to bridge their customers and providers get together in solving problems. Once you submit the problem with their ticket service, then their expert technicians will be back to you less than 24 hours. Awesome services.

The rumahweb is not only for maintaining business services between the customers and the company, they also provide some free information for the customers or non customers to get more information about the internet, CMS , tools and applications as well. I recommend you to use the rumahweb as one of your best hosting and domain references.

One of the primary conclusions on this posting is about schedule. This is a good lesson for me not to ignore the late warning from the Rumahweb unless I will get terminated or suspended that happened today.

Once I got the money , I will certainly commit to pay for my extension membership at the rumahweb for another three months.

As page rank (PR) 3 which very hard to achieve these days, I should not ignore this suspension to avoid the pager rank of the website is going down become 2 or even lower. If that really happens, that will be something I am not able to accept in every way whatsoever.

Asep Haryono
Blogger/Adsense Publisher/Website Content Specialist


  1. I'm sorry to hear that, kang asep.. :( just 2 or 3 days ago I visited your blog and read the articles and even asked question about your office..

    It's really annoying to know that our webpage is suspended. I hope they would be able to release as soon as possible.

    I myself have one blog with domain .com (it's my wedding blog, but I don't know which hosting my husband registered the blog. I am just able to conduct the writing, and he handles all stuffs about the blog design n domain hehehehe *jadi curhat :p

    But don't worry kang, this blogspot one also has quite good page rank. It's page rank 2 rite? Better than mine, at least ^.^v

  2. wow, tetep smangat kang asep, smoga bsa jd pembelajaran buat kang asep n sobat blogger lainnya, kadang emang suka lupa klo sbenernya kita cuman 'ngontrak' di internet, klo telat bayar kontrakan ya,,,, siap2 aja diusir yg punya ;)


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