Kang Guru Indonesia Road To Sintang - Part Two

Listeners Forum at RRI Sintang
By Asep Haryono

For almost two days, I accompanied Ogi from KangGURU Indonesia in Pontianak and Sintang. It happened 10th to 11st of Pebruary, 2010.

The schedule of KangGURU Indonesia in West Kalimantan were about evaluating KangGURU programs at Volare FM Pontianak and also at RRI Sintang.

In Sintang, KangGURU Indonesia also visited SMP 03 Kelam Permai in Sintang whichl supported by Indonesia Australi Partnership (AIP) and AusAID. KangGURU have planned to visit four AIBEP Schools such as SMP 4 Kuala Mandor B, SMP Terentang, SMP Teluk Pakedai. Unfortunately due to the locations of those schools were very far away from Pontianak, so we decided to invited them all in Pontianak. Ogi delivered some information to those representatives in Pontianak.

RRI Sintang - Listeners Meeting

During in Sintang, Ogi met with Ibu Rahayu from RRI Sintang, and Bu Rahayu helped us a lot. She took care of KG listeners fans meet up at RRI Sintang, and did a great job for KangGURU Indonesia during in RRI Sintang.

Ibu Rahayu has also organised the bus tickets for us to return to Pontianak. And then arround midday - Ogi visited a AIBEP school in the area, SMP Negeri 03 Kecamatan Kelam Permai Sintang.

Ogi talked to Principal and some English teachers. Unfortunately, we did not have much time to meet students there or doing some English activities with them.

Ogi and KG Champion also visited RRI Sintang to meet KG listeners there and evaluated KangGURU Proggrams broadcasted at RRI Sintang. Ibu Rahayu guided the Kang Guru Indonesia team (Me, and Ogi Yutarini) to take some rest for a while at a Hotel in Sintang.

The hotel is quite close to the market and also a great hospital in Sintang. We are not staying much longer at the hotel, just one hour only after tiring driving from Pontianak which took around 8 hours by using a car. After take some rest for a while and having some food, we both together and accompanied by RRI Sintang's staff , we went to the RRI Sintang.

Meeting with Head of RRI Sintang, Pak Natsir Harumah. Photo by Asep Haryono

Interview on RRI Sintang. Photo by Asep Haryono

Before we invited listeners of Kang Guru Indonesia meeting at AULA of the RRI Sintang, the head of the RRI Sintang, Pak Natsir Harumah , received the Kang Guru Indonesia team and had little chat. Ogi Yutarini also being interviewed by crew of the RRI Sintang and suggested the audiences at the time to come soon at the RRI Sintang for Listeners meeting of Kang Guru Indonesia.

Listener Meeting

The Listeners meeting there very active, and most of the audiences there were from SMKN 1 Sintang. Ogi presented to audiences about KangGURU Indonesia and its proggrams. We also conducted off air game and on air discussions during the talk shows which also attended by the head of RRI Sintang, bapak Natsir Harumah. Many callers and SMSs from listeners during the shows.
After around one hour, some students with their uniform still , coming over to the RRI Sintang, and we suggested them to enter the AULA ROOM around the side of the RRI Sintang and requested them to have a seat. They might be very surprised to see us , the real Kang Guru Indonesia from Denpasar Bali, visiting them in Sintang. We though they never imagined to be visited by the Kang Guru team.

In the discussion session conducted by the RRI Sintang, we both and accompanied by the head of the RRI Sintang explained the reasons why we were here at the RRI Sintang. "I would like to tell you that we came from Denpasar Bali ya, to be here to meet you all listeners of Kang Guru Indonesia in Sintang" said Ogi Yutarini in her opening presentation to the forum.

Discussion Forum at RRI Sintang. "The RRI Sintang has been selected to be visited by Kang Guru Indonesia for their listener activity" said Ogi Yutarini to the audiences. Photo by Asep Haryono

Presentation about Kang Guru Indonesia and its programs for students.
Photo by Asep Haryono

Question And Answer. Photo by Asep Haryono

Some of these students were keen to KangGuru Indonesia listeners.
Photo by Asep Haryono

Free Kang Guru Indonesia goodies and merchandises to give away.
Photo by Asep Haryono

Many brand new Kang Guru Indonesia goodies have been away here.
Photo by Asep Haryono

Have you seen the above photos? I hope you have seen all those photos taken by me during the shows and presentation. Many callers and telephone received during the show which broadcasted online on the RRI Sintang to audiences around Sintang. I have noted some of their suggestions and ideas from several callers whose identity might be from students too.Before we leave the RRI Sintang, the Kang Guru Indonesia team consisted by me myself, Kang Guru Indonesia champion Pontianak, and Ogi Yutarini, Kang Guru Project Coordinator , took photo together in front of the AULA of the RRI Sintang. We delivered the last Kang Guru Indonesia T-shirt to the head of the RRI Sintang for all kinds of his help to succeed the program with students here.


KG champions, Ogi , and Pak Natsir Harumah, head of RRI Sintang.
Photo by RRI Staff

At the end of the discussions, all students being given some free merchandises and Kang Guru Indonesia goodies for free. Many students , especially girls , would love to get some small packages, books , and key ring. While the others would love to get Kang Guru Indonesia T-shirt, rain coat and also some small merchandises.
Regarding KG visit to Volare FM in Pontianak, I had been supported by Bu Dewi Utami, Program Director of Volare FM. She conducted KG listeners at Volare FM Pontianak. Ogi made a small presentations to the audiences in the Volare FM Studio, and conducted a game. Its fun and really fun indeed. Ogi also delivered a thank you packages for Volare FM radio either. Full details on the Volare FM will be on the next part Three.

Return to Pontianak
Then just before we leave RRI Sintang, we met some of those staff at the RRI Sintang and took photo together too. I always have my small digital camera with me every where I go, so I decided to take some photos with the staff too.

Ogi said to me that many "
Questions and Answers session" conducted successfully off air and also on air and the station also opened an SMS no for listeners at home to participate. She said that she received about 10 SMS, 2 phone calls and some questions from people in the studio.
"The head of the station and staff were very keen and supportive to have KGI team visiting the station and it is clear that RRI Sintang is the leading radio station in the area because of their wide coverage area and also they often do on air and off air activities" said Ogi again.

We spent 3 hours at the station and so later that evening at 7pm we took the same bus to take us back to Pontianak. It was a very short trip to Sintang yet a long journey, but it was worth it. During the

On our way to Pontianak , we stopped a few minutes to have for lunch at Rumah Makan SIMPANG TIGA TUGU BEJI located still around Sintang, particularly in Jalan Sintang. Ogi , and Bu Rahayu took other seat having for lunch too. The driver and the RRI Staff and me , took, the same seat having some foods. We were very hungry that moment. hehehehee

Yummmy. This is the food I ate. Its so good. Photo by Asep Haryono

I took some food to eat as shown on the photo above. I released my small digital camera, Nikon coolpix L19 , toke a photo on the food. Can you name the food? Kulit and Shrimp in a smal portion and chili of course. Its very good to have them. The price of the food? I did not know for sure due to the fees and food expenses being paid the RRI Staff. Cool.

Do you know Bukit Kelam in Sintang? Bukit Kelam or Kelam Hill, wow, I have never been to the top of the Hill. I still remember a few years ago in Sintang, I used to be there just at the land area in the beneath of the hill. I have never been to the top. I took some photos of the hill on the way to Pontianak. There you are :

Photo by Asep Haryono

Photo by Asep Haryono

Photo by Asep Haryono

Durint on the street, still around in Sintang, I stepped out from the vehicle, and again took some photos of the awesome Bukit Kelam or Kelam Hill in Sintang. I have never been to the top of the Hill but I would love to do it some day. Anyone can invite me to the Kelam Hill? Please let me know yah. We can arrange the trip there. Here are some photos I took at the above.

Thanks for your coming here in West Kalimantan Ogi.

Asep Haryono
Former Kang Guru Indonesia Champion
Pontianak Kalimantan Barat

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  1. The most exciting part of KGI visit is when the listeners have the merchandise :D

    I've been using KGI key-chain for about 4 or 5 years, I still have the T-shirt *although it has been tight in my body :p*, I also have the yellow KGI rain-coat which my father always uses when raining. It's niceee to have sooo much KGI merchandise. I have the pencil case and some more.

    Some of them I got from Mba Ogi, and some others from you Kang Asep ^^

    I have been to Bukit Kelam once when I was still in senior high school, it was so crowded because I went there in the second day of lebaran. Wanna go there again sometimes but not in holiday I think. We wouldn't be able to take picture in so crowded area.

    If I have a chance to go there I'll tell you kang, but can't promise going there together hehe..


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