Having Meals In Bali

The Nasi Goreng Tania in Bali. Photo by Asep Haryono

This is one of my best subjects for the rest of my life , talking about food, and the food original from Indonesia is one of my best meals that I always dreaming of every where I go. Just like I have had during my whole trips to Bali since the last 2005 until the end of December 2011, I always having the Nasi Goreng (fried rice) instead of having the meals in the restaurants or cafees.

Talking about the food is very much depending on personality and preferences, and the taste of food of someone will be different from one to another people. I have many friends who love "mizza" (This word is property of Miss Syahdini, I must ask permission for her for publishing the word again in this posting), which means "eating pizza", and some friends who are crazy of kerupuk.

"Jajanan" in Bali
Regarding having meals in Bali should be very much my concern due to the area of Bali was not Moslem areas and all kind of the food available in Bali will be my priority to select from. For Moslem like me is not allowed to eat pork, and all of the Kang Guru Champions are moslem too.

We are not interested in "jajan" or buying some yummy food on the street like Bakso, Siomay, Batagor around in Kuta' street. We did not know for sure the material content of the meat they are selling, and well I think it is a good idea for us to find moslem warung around Kuta by noticing the "moslem mark" or moslem labelled in front of the warung.

I took a photo of satay seller around Kuta and it seems very good to try, right. I will not recommend you to buy the food on the street. We are not sure of the meat. Photo by Asep Haryono

I have a simple tip if you want to buy "jajanan pasar" (what is it in English?) , traditional food or local food which consist of meat , please notice the shop label there. If you want to eat for lunch, breakfast or dinner on the street around Kuta or another places around Bali, please look at carefully the "moslem label" or " warung muslim banner" in front of the building.

Good. Safe and Cheap Places To Eat
Just like I have mentioned in my previous posting before that having meals will be depending on you, and you have the right to decide what kind of fave food you would like to eat. For me personaly, I prefer to eat the Nasi Goreng every time I was in Bali for some reasons. Just imagine and compate their prices.

If you are staying in the hotel, you could have eaten your fave "cemilan" or real dinner outside of the hotel rather than taking them on their inside restaurant. For me is all about the money, all about the price not only I was a budget traveler, this is about the style of life or life style I guess.

A plate of Nasi Goreng (fried rice) you buy in the restaurant in Bali can be afforded more than Rp.20.000,- or twenty thousand rupiahs or equal to $ 2 USD for each plate. For me personally the price can be very serious matter, and I considered that thing quite expensive for local traveler like me.

If you love Nasi Goreng like me, then you may get the chance to get meal of the nasi goreng during flight with Garuda Indonesia. I prefer Indonesian food to European and western ones which for me personally is very boring, Photo by Asep Haryono

I am not a tourist originally, I am traveler. I think that both two words are very different in some reasons especially about the content. If you are a tourist, you might only enjoy the natural wonder of a place including the beauty of their land, river, mountains and many other things.

If you are traveler, you are not only enjoying those things, but you "explore" their local languages, cultural behaviors, local expressions , people and nation of a country or areas and learn from them.

If you love Nasi Goreng like me, then you may get the chance to get meal of the nasi goreng during flight with Garuda Indonesia. I love Indonesian food very much, I even write down a request in comment and suggestion I teared up from Garuda Magazine, and I filled in during the flight with the Garuda Indonesia. I used to do it once in a life time. I suggested the Garuda Indonesia management to provide Indonesian food for any flight route from Jakarta to Denpasar and vice versa.

The captain of the flight (I am not sure of he is a captain), knew the form written by my seat, and he suddenly came to my seat and expressed his gratitude for my comments and suggestions form I have already submitted through their stewardess. He said to me on behalf of the Garuda Indonesia that they will provide the Indonesian food for any routes as I requested instead of European and Western ones.

  1. Warung Barokah-Tania
    Do you like to eat Nasi Goreng with cool recipes, moslem seller , and affordable price? Well one of the best recommended food outlet for you all to try is visiting to Warung Barokah-Tania around Jalan Teuku Umar, Denpasar, Bali.

    Back to my stories in Bali (hahahaha boring yeah-red) nope I am not absolutely. Having visited to Bali for years, I have had many stories during my trip to the Island.
Well, one of the stories is about the food , food travel or culinary tour. The theme of my posting today is all about some simple stories about the Nasi Goreng.

When visiting to Bali last April 2011 discussing with Kang Guru Indonesia, I and the other six KangGuru Indonesia Champions have been placed in POP HARIS hotel around Kuta.

  1. We love to eat the Nasi Goreng outside of the hotel which can be reached within a walk. That is the Nasi Goreng from Barokah and Tania. We went to this awesome warung just walking from the hotel o the location which can be reached only with a few minutes, and there are lots of people sitting there already waiting for the food served.

    The price of the Nasi Goreng provided by Warung Tania and Barokah here is affordable by any budget traveler like me whose fave food is having the Nasi Goreng. You will find the warung of the Nasi Goreng which located in front of Fave Hotel around the road of Jalan Teuku Umar, Kuta, Bali.

    Actually there are lots of the Nasi Goreng outlet you might find around Kuta and other cities around Bali, but what I have mentioned before that the topic today's posting is only one place to buy the nasi goreng, Barokah and Tania around the hotel we lived in.

    If you are staying around the road of Jalan Teuku Umar, especially in front of the Fave Hotel, then you will not miss the place. The Barokah and Tania Nasi Goreng based in front of the hotel, and can be reached out withing a walk. You don't have to dig your pocket deeper to pay a plate of the Nasi Goreng which cost very affordable price.

    Busy man preparing the Nasi Goreng At Tania Barokah - Photo by Asep Haryono

    You could buy a plate of this Nasi Goreng only around Rp.12.000,- Photo by Asep Haryono

    This is a small video took at Tania - Barokah Nasi Goreng. Video took in April 11, 2011 with my small digital camera Nikon Coolpix L19. Video taken by Asep Haryono

    A small regular Nasi Goreng cost around Rp.12.000,- (Twelve Thousand Rupiahs) or equal to around $ 1,2 USD only and I think the price is fine with the taste and spicy which I love it very much indeed. I and some of the Kang Guru Indonesia Champions such as Keyko , Fadel, and Syahrir Badulu along with me too.

    If you eat the Nasi Goreng at the Tania and Barokah warung, then you will be given many options to select the type of the Nasi Goreng from the cheapest until the most expensive one starting from regular Rp.12.000,- until around Rp.15.000,-. You will be offered to order a drink along with the Nasi Goreng.

    They provide many kind of ice teas, coffees, and many other fresh drinks which vary from Rp.2.000,- until Rp.6.000,- for one cup. I prefer ice tea with little ice to other kind of drinks, while my friends ordered different drinks too. You will also be given two kinds of "sambal" or "chili" and also cucumber too. Its taste good and fresh altogether.

  2. Warung Muslim Ibu Rahmad
    For moslem warung, they will certainly put the banner that the food they are providing are really able to be eaten by Moslem as I have shown you the photo above. This is my fave warung around the Kang Guru Indonesia's office in Jalan Sesetan.

    The owner of the warung is Ibu Rahmad from Javanese, and we love to eat there each time we visit Bali. Each time we visit Bali , we would love to go for lunch and breakfast at warung Muslim Ibu Rahmad whose location is very close to headquarter of the Kang Guru Indonesia in Jalan Sesetan Denpasar Bali.

    Warung Muslim Ibu Rahmad in Jalan Sesetan Denpasar Bali. Photo by Asep Haryono

    Food is very sensitive case in Bali especially for Moslem like me and all my champions. You will find many traditional and good food with affordable prices on the Warung Muslim Ibu Rahmad such as ampla ayam goreng, tahu tempe , sayur asem , lalapan, sambal , udang goreng, mendoan , kerupuk, Nasi Soto, Nasi Ayam , Nasi Pecel and many kind of Indonesian food there. I recommend you to be here for your stop for having meals.

    If you have Rp.10.000,- only in your pocket, then you don't have to worry about it. In the warung Muslim Ibu Rahmad, you can afford a plate of nasi campur or complete rice with good meals and a cup of an Ice Tea. It is very recommended for you to be here for your daily meals in Bali.

  3. Warung NIKMAT in Denpasar
    Do you like Gudeg Jogjakarta? Tempe Bacem? Mendoan? ahaaa that is some examples of "masakan Jawa" or Javanese food after all. Well, you don't have to worry about the food of Javanese each time you are in Bali.

    Having meals in Bali can be very expensive to afford, you don't have to worry about it. You still have biggest chances to find cheapest food with affordable prices in Bali. Actually there are lots of places in Denpasar to have for lunch and breakfast with good taste and cheapest prices.

    This is Warung Nikmat in Denpasar. Photo by Asep Haryono

    A thicker plastic card shows your food price at Warung Nikmat. Photo by Asep Haryono

    My friends here eating in the warung Nikmat. Photo by Asep Haryono
    I recommend one of those places for you all to try good food and cheapest prices in Denpasar, Bali for your reference, Warung Nikmat, located close to Supernova, enter to the west in the area of Ngurah Rai International Airport. For local tourist , backpacker traveler or even every one can afford good food with affordable price on this warung Nikmat.

    The Warung Nikmat located exactly in Jl. Bakung Sari, Gang Biduri No.6, next to Hotel Bakung Sari, Kuta and can be reached with many kind of public transportations or just with a motor bike or walk withing the area. Sayur pecel, tumis kangkung, sayur lodeh , Ayam Goreng, bakwan, and many kind of Javanese food can be found here.

    The building of this Warung Nikmat under the big tree so you will get fresh air during having meals at the warung Nikmat especially at lunch time. I found one unique thing when having meals here, where the price of the food we are eating in the form of thicker plastic card given to customers. Awesome and unique right?

I have mentioned several places to eat in Kuta and around Denpasar, Bali and as I have mentioned before there lots of public food corners around the are where you can find good food, halal , clean , and affordable prices. If you know the area to eat, then you can save your money when traveling to Bali especially for dinner, lunch or breakfast every day. Are you still interested in reading my other articles about traveling in Bali? (Asep Haryono)

Lokasi       :  Depan Hotel Fave, Kuta , Denpasar, Bali
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  1. This is the second time I comment to your post about food in condition I have eaten already ahaha..

    This is very helpful information, especially for some people *including me and my husband hehe* who used to think that it's a bit difficult to find halal food in Bali..

    If one day I have a chance to go to Bali, I'll visit the three places, then say to the owners that I know their warung from Kang Asep ^.^v


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