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Erlangga And Krisna In Bali

By Asep Haryono

Once upon a while when me and the other six Kang Guru Indonesia champion get together again in Bali last 12th to 14th of July 2009 if I am not mistaken.

The event at this moment is celebrating winners of Kang Guru Indonesia Wall Magazine at The Kang Guru Indonesia head quarter in Denpasar Bali.

Today's posting is not sharing about the celebrations which will be posted in the following days, but just a simple stories of my visit to Erlangga and Krisna, merchandise of local Balinese that are very famous in the island of GOD. For those used to be those two places will certainly agree with me to make their location as main resources to get Balinese merchandise with affordable prices.

This is a small notes only, and I have planned to share with all of you today as simple description about them in a narative stories. If you need further information about the Erlangga and Krisna, then you can find them on the Internet. They will show you hundreds of information about those places. This is a small note from my experience only.

Erlangga 2
As usual, after we have packed with us and had for breakfast at hotel, we decided to go as soon as we can to the Kang Guru Indonesia base located in Jalan Sesetan, Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (I/A/L/F) Building. Could I add however that the building located at the same field with the Kang Guru Indonesia.

We took a bluebird cab around the IALF Building, and the staff at the IALF helped us ordered the cab for us to return to the Kang Guru Indonesia in Jalan Sesetan, Denpasar Bali. Having finished our program at the Kang Guru Indonesia headquarter , located in the 2nd floor , the Kang Guru Indonesia champion decided to break formation.

What I mean is that some of the Kang Guru Indonesia champions return again at the hotel, and some of us continuing journey to some other places around Kuta and Denpasar for hunting the Balinese merchandises. I and Syahrir Badulu (Kang Guru Indonesia champion from Makasar) decided to visit Erlangga and Krisna for several goals. Shopping absolutely.

I and Syahrir Badulu packed with us some books with us , absolutely due to we have just finished our program at the Kang Guru Indonesia , we took a bluebird cab and ordered the driver to take us to Erlangga as our very first target. Do you know where to find the Erlangga with your own way?

Me, after shopping at Erlangga 2, Denpasar Bali. Did you notice a small bag I am wearing on? That is my Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera Z812 IS. I took the camera with me to anywhere in Bali for capturing and recording. Photo by Syahrir Badulu

Bali has two Erlangga, one and two, and both of them are special places in the island of GOD for traveler both local and international to go shopping. Almost all of the items provided at both location are very cheap especially for budget traveler like me and Syahir. We had very small number of budget for shopping for our families at our home.

Syahrir Badulu , Kang Guru Indonesia champion from Makasar , is father of four children, and I am a father of two. Each time we both get a chance to go shopping in Bali, we never forget to buy something "oleh oleh" for our families at our home. We often visited Bali and we are used to be here and getting some easy things in Bali so we decided to share our benefits for our families.

KAIN BALI : You can get this "kain Bali" with cheapest prices. I bought some for my wife at home, and syahrir bought kids merchandises. Photo by Syahrir Badulu

GENDANG : Syahrir Badulu bough gendang, and I hold the Gendang in front of cashier section before leaving the Erlangga 2. Photo by Erlangga Staff

The Erlangga 2 located a little bit far away from our hotel, so we have to use cab or taxi driving us to the Erlangga 2 which located in Jalan Nusa kambangan. If you lost your way to the Erlangga 2 then you could have asked the cab driver, police or any good people to help you go there. Most of the items available at the Erlangga from kids merchandises, T-shirt, Pants , Painting and even food. You just see the price label on each items. Its simple.

I found the orinal Kopi Luwak which considered as the most expensive coffee in the world over, and I am not interested in getting it. The small package of the kopi luwak with a small spoon size cost around Rp.50.000,-. Its very expensive coffee for me. Are you interested ?. Syahrir bought many kind of children dress and outfit for his wife in Makasar, while I bought some dry food and Kain Bali for my wife in Pontianak

You don't have to worry about the location of Krisna, one of the top Balinese merchandises in Bali due to the location of the Krisna is next to the Erlangga 2. Actually there are lots of Balinese shopping malls around the Sunset Road, and you will be able to select them for your own style of shopping. I recommend you to be here at the Krisna for Balinese up-to-date stuffs.

How about the prices at the Krisna? I am not sure of the prices compared with other Balinese shooping outlet due to the variety of the items can be different from one place to another. A small key chain of Balinese image for example, can be afforded with around Rp.20.000,- while the same price might be found at Jogger and the Erlangga.

In front of Krisna. Photo by Sharir Badulu

Do you think this Garuda statue available to grab or for sale? You tell me. Photo by Syahrir Badulu

Actually I have recorded small video during our visit to this place, and I forgot where I put the file, and they must be around here somewhere. Unfortunately I am not able to complete this travel note with the video as I have planned before. You don't have to worry about it due to there are many short videos about this place from youtube.

I still remember quite well that I spent only around two hundred thousands rupiah while Syahrir Badulu bought not more than mine. We both bought something that quite different things from our local areas and unique stuff either.

Photo by Asep Haryono

Photo by Asep Haryono

When we have finished shopping at the Krisna, my attention goes to the two eye catching in front of the shop of the Krisna, they are Statue of Krisna and an elephant. I did not know for sure about those things, and my digital camera Kodak Z812 captured them. One of Balinese around the shop told us that the statue of Krisna.

According to Wikipedia explained briefly that Krishna is often described as an infant or young boy playing a flute as in the Bhagavata Purana,or as a youthful prince giving direction and guidance as in the Bhagavad Gita. Awesome and look wonderful thing.

I recommend those places for your references to hunt local Balinese merchandise with good quality and affordable prices then the Krisna and the Erlangga 2 will be a good choice for all of you during visiting in Bali. Take care of your belongings when getting into this Balinese shops and avoid the possibility of being stolen by thiefs. (Asep Haryono)

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  1. Wonderful moment! But from all the stuffs you wrote here, my most wanted thing is: KAIN BALI!! Aaaaa, I like kain bali a lot. It's so soft and cool and ngademinnn ^.^v

    By the way, did you buy the purple mini bag you gave me in Krisna too? Hehe, I still have it in my room :D Thanks a lot Kang Asep.

    In the other time, if you have a chance to go to Bali, maybe I should order one or two kain bali from you kang ehehehe..


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