20 years Anniversary Of Kang Guru Indonesia - Part Two

Day 02 - Friday November 20th , 2009
By Asep Haryono

Having finished reading my part one before continuing this part three?. Well, I would like to suggest you all, my loyal readers, to get back a few minutes to read 20 years Anniversary Of Kang Guru Indonesia - Part One to get better understanding the entire stories

As usual like yesterday, I have to mix Indonesia and English to give a better understanding the entire articles for those whose reading habit is using Bahasa Indonesia.

As I have mentioned before in my previous posting that all Kang Guru Indonesia champions have been planned to stay at Puri Dalem Hotel located in Jalan Hangtuah, Sanur, Bali. We never ask why Ogi Yutarini, Project Coordinator , decided to choose the hotel. We never know.

Perhaps she tought that the hotel was very strategic location not too far to the Kang Guru head office based in Denpasar, and the hotel could be a good way of Bali’s exploring. The hotel, as far as we can see clearly , that offered Balinese decoration with traditional Bali architecture, and the location of the hotel was only around five minutes accessible to International Airport. So let's start the program now, ladies and gentlemen.

DAY 02- Jumat , 20 Nopember 2009
KangGuru Indonesia Office

The representative of Indonesia KangGURU, Champion, was getting ready at the Hotel Puri Dalem around at 08.00 morning , Bali's time. I and sthe other six Champions of the Kang Guru Indonesia had breakfast at the Puri Dalem Restaurant with a standard menu. The menu we ate during the time was quite great and really good.

The restaurant inside the hotel was also fully equipped mini WiFi facilities for Internet connections , but unfortunately not everyone can access the Internet at this hotel because it must have a special password to Log In to the hotel internet connection. The services only available for the hotel's guests only to get permission and allowed by the hotel management to access the internet.

Checking a little bit at Kang Guru Indonesia Recording room at 2nd floor in IALF Building. From left to right : Ririn Pudya (Champion Jakarta) , Agung Mahendra (Video Editor Kang Guru Indonesia) and Fadel (Champion NTB). Photo by Asep Haryono

NARSIS : We never let camera far away from us, and if we get spare and fun moments , we captured together, fun and fun picture. Photo by Darmika (Kang Guru Indonesia).

FOR FUN : The next Kang Guru Indonesia Project Manager. Just for fun only. Take a seat on my bos chair. Photo Suryadi/Champion Madura

Para perwakilan KangGURU Indonesia, Champion , sudah bersiap siap di Hotel Puri Dalem pada pukul 08.00 WIB. Saya dan 6 Champion KangGURU se Indonesia lainnya bersantap makan pagi (breakfast –red) di Ruang Restoran Hotel Puri Dalem, Menu menu yang lumayan istimewa dan cukup menggugah Selera.

Dalam resto Puri Dale mini juga sudah dilengkapi fasilitas WiFI untuk koneksi internet para penghuninya. Namun tidak semua orang bisa mengakses Internet di hotel ini karena harus memiliki password khusus untuk bisa Log In dengan koneksi internet hotel. Hanya tamu tamu yang menginap di Hotel Puri Dalam inilah yang diperkenankan oleh manajemen hotel untuk mengakses internet.

I checked my watch in my hand showed at 09.00 Bali's time and all Kang Guru Indonesia champions went immediately to the Indonesia Australia Language Foundation building (I / A / L / F) which located on Jalan Sesetan, Denpasar, Bali. We used a metered taxi, and we took two cabs all together to take me to the building.

We just paid only around Rp.40.000,- (Fourty Thousand Rupiahs) to take us into the IALF Building on jalan Sesetan , and the cost was fairly low, probably because of the distance between our hotel stay, Puri Dalem and the building IALF Sesetan close enough. The amount we spent for paying the cab around that Rp.40.000,- (Fourty Thousand Rupiahs) will be replaced by reimbursement system. we had to complete the payment prove stand alone or a a receipt, unless you will not get reimbursement for expenses that you paid.

BRIEFING : All Kang Guru Indonesia champions having meals at IALF canteen. We discussed some points before entering the meeting with Kang Guru Indonesia at 2nd floor at IALF. Photo by Asep Haryono

IALF CANTEEN : Many good foods available for IALF students here. Many students from ADS awardees having meals at this canteen. A great time for you to share about Australia scholarship with them here too. Photo by Asep Haryono

Tepat pukul 10.00 Waktu Bali, saya , Saptari Wibowo (Champion Medan), dan Suryadi (Champion Madura) memberikan presentasi kecil selama lebih kurang 30 (tiga puluh) menit di hadapan George Crewes (Manager IALF), Pak Kevin Dalton (Project Manager), Sue Rodger, Maggi , para Champion lainnya dan juga undangan. Kami bertiga (saya, Bowo dan Suryadi) memberikan presentasi atas hasil hasil yang sudah dicapai saat kami bertiga mewakili KangGURU Indonesia menghadiri International Youth Forum (IYC) 2009 yang berlangsung di Banten dari tanggal 28 September s/d 2 Oktober 2009 yang lalu.

During at the IALF Building, around at 10.00 WIB, all the Kang Guru Indonesia champions get together again and received general briefing again delivered by Kevin Dalton , Project Manager of The Kang Guru Indonesia, at the building.

I , Suryadi (Madura) , and Saptari Wibowo (Medan) were requested to give around 30-minute-presentation about our attendance at International Youth Conference (IYC) which successfully held in Bali last 28th September to 2nd October, 2009. The three of us were representative of the KangGuru Indonesia in the meeting.

The next posting , part Three , were some stories of the celebration of Kang Guru Indonesia 20 years and there will more and more photos there too. Here also presented some parties held at the Australian Commission in Sanur in the different article. (Asep Haryono)

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