20 years Anniversary Of Kang Guru Indonesia - Part Three

Food, Party , Prizes And Games
By Asep Haryono

As I have mentioned in my previous posting part one that all Kang Guru Indonesia champions and also another 15 special guest , competitions winners, are ready to celebrate 20 years of friendship on Kang Guru Indonesia at IALF Bali .

The project coordinator of the Kang Guru Indonesia , Ogi Yutarini , have planned to bring us to the celebration party held at the IALF Denpasar Bali located in Jalan Sesetan, Denpasar Bali.

As I have promised before this posting is the part two of the previous one. All this event have been successfully conducted at IALF Denpasar Bali on 21st of November 2009. I am pleased to tell the stories for you all , my loyal readers wherever your are. I want you to feel happiness and joy of the celebration. All right.

I and all Kang Guru Indonesia Champions along with those special guests, winners of Kang Guru Indonesia competitions, Australia music dance group, and invitations get together in the party. We had also special appearance from Australian Traditional Instrument Musical group headed by Kang Ali Yina, Bali. The group presented songs, and traditional Australian music instruments. Awesome, Wonderful.

Celebrations were held in Bali that day to mark 20 years of English language learning and people-to-people links between Australia and Indonesia through the Kang Guru Indonesia program. Funded by Australia since 1989, Kang Guru Indonesia has helped hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and communities across Indonesia to develop their English language learning.

Kevin Dalton, Project Manager of Kang Guru Indonesia, gave simple opening speech to mark the party and celebration of 20 years Kang Guru Indonesia. Photo by Asep Haryono

Kang Guru Indonesia champions as "panitia" taking care of those participants with suggestions, ideas and help in hand. Photo by Asep Haryono

This program has provided assistance to thousands of Indonesians who would have otherwise been unable to access such language resources. Kang Guru Indonesia has also helped further strengthen understanding and the partnership between Australia and Indonesia.

Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Bill Farmer, attended that day's celebrations at the Australian Consulate-General in Denpasar, Bali. Mr Farmer acknowledged the program's significant efforts over the last 20 years.

Party, Food and Prizes
Kang Guru Indonesia celebrated uts 20 years particiaption in Indonesia in a relax, cheapest and fun party held at the IALF Denpasar located in Jalan Sesetan Denpasar. The project Manager of the KangGuru Indonesia, Kevin Dalton, made his short speeches during the party.

Pak Kevin , or captain Kang Guru , also invited other important person from Kang Guru Indonesia, CEO, George Crewes , to join with him on the stage. Adi, ADS alumni, also conducted as MC along with Ayu Kusumastuti together too.

This program is helping to ensure future generations of Australians and Indonesians know and understand each other better, further strengthening our friendship,” said Pak Kevin on his speechs.

"Over the last two decades, the program has distributed magazines to over one million English language learners. It also broadcasts a weekly English language learning program through 170 radio stations across the country" said Kevin to audiences. He said that thousands of schools throughout Indonesia have also benefited from the program’s English language materials and online learning resources.

I have taken several photos to display for you all today. Just a memories from all of us here, we celebrated our 20 years of Kang Guru Indonesia participation in fostering relationship between Indonesia and Australia. Here are just a few of the scenes from the celebration given by me and courtesy of the Kang Guru Indonesia Denpasar Bali.

DOOR PRIZE : This participant was lucky to get prizes. Awesome. Congratulations. Photo by Asep Haryono

MUSIC : Australian Instrument Music Group presented by Kang Ali yina. Awesome. Photo by Asep Haryono

GOOD FOOD : Try western Food, Australian meals, here. You can taste Indonesian food too such as Sate, Soto , ABakso , Nasi Lengkap , Nasi Kuning, and Ice Cream. Let's eat them. Photo by Asep Haryono

WINNERS : These participants are Kang Guru winners all across Indonesia. Kang Guru covered their flight tickets, meals, and hotels to attend the party. Awesome

Yihaa let's dance. The celebration went through until evening. Yihhaaa. Photo by Asep Haryono

Walter Slamer, Former Kang Guru Indonesia Project Manager, gave his speech on stage. Photo by Asep Haryono

Kevin Dalton (left) and George Crewes, CEO IALF Jakarta (right). Photo by Asep Haryono

Do you want to try this good cake? awesome. Photo Darmika/Kang Guru Indonesia

This jackpot door prize , qwerty cell phone. Congratulations ya. Photo by Asep Haryono

George Crewes, CEO of IALF Jakarta confirm that further events celebrating this 20 year milestone are planned across the weekend, and will bring together various government, non-government and community partners and beneficiaries There are lots of party , games, food and quiz during the celebration.

The celebration and party of the 20 years Kang Guru Indonesia held at the IALF starting from noon until the afternoon. All participants of the party were great, antusiast , happy together, enjoying the party, dances, food , and also got many prizes. The party was not over yet, all those participants will be continued the celebration at Australia Consulate in the next posting. The part four of this trilogy 20 years anniversary celebration. (Asep Haryono)

To be continued

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