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$ 10 USD From The BlogsVertiser

Today , I am pleased to get another $ 10 USD in my verified paypal account, and the money delivered by the Blogvertiser. Do you know that blogging can give you more money online?

Do you know that blogging now is not just kind of writing activity to expose your ideas , suggestions, stories or travel notes but can give you a chance to earn money?

Some people said this kind of such blog monetizing or monetizing blog which can be followed by every one all over the world. Do you know what is that kind of the Blogvertiser?.

Basically the blogsvertiser is one of money making online through blogging activities. Every one with their blog now has biggest chances to make money from advertising and writing articles. Some blogger said this could be part of paid review projects available every where on the internet. Are you interested in getting money from your blog?. I will tell you some useful information for you to start earning money from your blog. Please sit and relax reading on my posting today.

The Blogvertiser
According to their official website of the Blogsvertiser Our clearly stated that "Advertisers want YOU to mention and talk about their websites products and services in your blogs and journals. They want the publicity, the exposure, the Buzz! that online bloggers and internet journals can generate for their web site products and services. In exchange blogsvertise pays YOU in paypal per task/blog ads placed to their website in your blog".

Now you can general opinions and explanations about the blogsvertiser. For bloggers , absolutely , as their main customers will absolutely get many benefits from the blogsvertiser such as making money from blogging , get advertising code just like local adsense publisher such as kumpulblogger, adsense camp, and many others. The bloggers can get paid when their reviews on advertiser's product completed.

Adsense Indonesia
This is adsense camp link available for you all if you are interested in.

One of the big question is "how do we start earning money from the blogvertiser?". Well this question can be answered in details by looking at their official website on the internet. There will be lots of information for both you , bloggers , and also advertisers as well. I participated on this money making program since around five months ago and got lots of US Dollars for my approved reviews.

  1. Prepare Your Blog
    First of all that you must have a blog. This is a basic rule for those who wants to participate on this money making programs. You can use your blogspot as base store platform of your articles , wordpress and any other of blog platform
  2. Use English
    According to my experiences on this online making program, you don't have to use English in your blog. Your bahasa Indonesia also accepted to join on this program as well as your other languages. This is because of the task or the reviews they want you to write is in English, so you MUST use English only for writing your reviews or submitting the task.
  3. Daily Update
    To get more taks or assignments from the administrator of the Blogsvertiser , you must maintain your blog in regular basis. You don't have to get updated daily, but at least you did twice a week to avoid ban from your inactivity.
  4. Register Soon
    You must register your blog to the Blogsvertiser through their registration form to get approval before start participating on this money making program. The blogsvertiser will evaluate and judge the content of your blog first before approve your application. You will get probation status before proceeding to normal. For beginner, probation, means you only get a small payment of any approval task at the sum of $ 2 USD only

When your blog has been accepted and approved , then you have to log in your blogsvertiser account at least twice a week to find out Grab Bag Task (GBT). Do you know what is the Grab Bag Task (GBT)?. Well basically it was a unit of task or assignment delivered to any approval members of the blogsvertiser and get payment for $ 2 USD. When you come across a GBT icon next to your blog list, just click on them and view the assignments.

I got $ 10 USD today from the Blogsvertise. Awesome

For general, for probation status of the membership , you will get paid a small amount of money $ 2 USD only for any approval reviews or job you have been submitted. Most of the reviews only around small number of words around 300 words only.

The basic concept of the writing is all up to you as long as it related to the topic the advertiser wants you to write down. You will follow any rules of the advertisers before submitting your articles. Posting in your blog and tell the URL address to their submission form.

If you are interested in participating on this money blogging program, then you just simply click on the following link to start registering on the blogvertiser program. The following link can be achieved by clicking on their link available :

This is my screen shot of my total earning from the Blogsvertiser
Blog Ads

Based on my experiences on this money making online that the probation status lasting only 60 days from the date of your approval, then you can request the normal status. Unlike the probation which only get $ 2 USD for any approval posting , on the normal one you can even get more money for any approved reviews starting from $ 5 USD to $ 10 USD. (Asep Haryono)


  1. wow,, congrats buat kang asep, the only problem adalah ane gak fasih bhs inggris, apalagi buat review/posting artikel pke bhs inggris, bisa demam 7hri 7mlm tuh

  2. I bought a tutorial book on how making money from blog, but still find some difficulties in realizing it: 1. I am not discipline enough to do the daily post. 2. I am kind of a bohemian woman to boost my mood in posting by using English hehe..

    I hope one day I'll make it real, coz it seems it's gonna be fun to be able making money as you do :D

    Thanks a lot for this valuable information kang ^^


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