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I Got Money (again) From Blogsvertise

Today I am very happy again to get money at the sum of $ 4,00 USD from Lang Tech Comp on behalf of Blogsvertise today February 9th and I am pleased to tell you once again that the Blogsvertise is one of the most trusted paid review website that I have known. I hardly remember the total amount of those payment I received until today.

I still remember the very first payment I received from the Blogsvertise, and I got money from that trusted paid review continuously through my verified paypal account. Do you have any paypal account? The paypal account is one of the best method of payments to get paid and pay for services or goods online every where and in every way. I prefer to use the paypal account to receive money transfer from any paid reviews and other ads providers.

Once your paypal balance is enough to withdrawal your paypal balance , then you can get the money instantly to be transferred to your permanent bank account between 2 or 5 days of business hour. If your paypal balance is under Rp.2.00.000,- (Two Million Rupiahs) then the amount of Rp.16.000,- (Six Teen Thousand Rupiahs) will be deducted from your balance. It depends on your bank policy, and I have experience in this matter, and that is why I am able to tell this one to all of you here.

I was very lucky when I was registering the paypal account a few years ago. Having finished the application form for getting one account at the paypal , then I was required to submit any bank account number. Having submitted the bank account number, then the paypal sent me a small number of money around Rp.700,- (Seven Hundred Rupiahs). Do you want to know why the paypal sent me the small number of money for free during my registration?

Well , the paypal sent me the small number of money just to verify that my bank account number I have submitted was true and correct. The paypal required me to let them know that that small number of money have been officially received. Having submitted the information that the small number of money I have received already, then the paypal confirmed me that my paypal account was valid, and has been verified. Making money online is fun. (Asep Haryono)

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  1. Can you tell me what time to get grab bag task?


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