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Being a wealthy people might be one of the dream goal in someone’s life, however, the goal itself can be a dream job for every one, There are so many ways of making money these days by which can be done by every one starting from working at home or just simply apply for the job in every where.

Did you know that working at home can be a good solutions for people to start earning money?. I have explained to you that stories of working at home, and today I would like to present some information dealing with the vacancies that you might be interested in

The basic question that may be arise to get an answer soon is “What kind of side job or business opportunities open for employee these days?”. Before I go through with some possible answers to the question, allow me to analyze why people need some other job or financial support in addition to their primary occupation or position they have already had.

The most possible answer to the question is about the true and fact that people need more money to support their lives. High risk of economic crisis with the needs of daily cost that is getting higher and costly will probably the main reason why people need more money. They have already had stable money resources taken home from his job but they need some other financial resources to get money in addition to the salaries and revenue they have had before. There are so many business opportunities for those who want to get another revenue or income by selecting one of the most possible side job to run with.

  1. Being A Trader
    This s the most easiest thing to do in theory to get extra money for you, being a trader or vendor of something. You could have become a trader if you have planned to sell something to other people in market or anywhere else, For example, you would like to become a seller of computer appliances in town, then you will provide many computers and its accessories for the public, promoting them, get many customers, and you get more money.

    The problem might be capital or basic money to afford all sorts of those computers in a large number perhaps, having a good place to store the products and many others. Being a trader is one of the most logical and affordable side job for you to try. Some people said you just need good money to start with but unfortunately many people do not agree with that idea. The good instinct of a businessman and strategy is needed to win the competition among traders. You need some specific products that urgently required by customers unless your goods is nothing or the same as other trader in market. You need to be different in this way.
  2. Selling Credit Voucher Of Communication
    I still remember when the era of PlayStation (PS) business is booming in Indonesia in the last decade, now the trend of local business for people is changing very rapidly especially with the theme or type of the business. Many people now woud love to start personal and home business by selling cellular credit voucher or in Indonesia can be recognized as “Pulsa MKIOS” business.

    This kind of personal business can be committed by every one witha small number of capital money to start with. You just need a standard cellphone as a tool to send credit to customer’s cellphone, a local server to store the server and little promotion to introduce your business to the public.

    Being a pulsa trader is one of the most wanted and easiest kind of side job for you to try too. There are so many prepaid cellphone card producers that you can choose from, and offer them to customers such as Simpati, As, Axis, IM3 and many other awesome and outstanding products of cellular card providers from TELKOMSEL. You don’t have to own house or small building to be a place to sell the products to the customers. This kind of business can be done in every where and every time with your own way.
  3. Translator
    If you have a good standard of foreign language such as English , France, Germany , Spanish , Dutch , Mandarin and many other foreign languages, then you could have become a translator for customers and you get more money from it. How come? What I mean here is a translator for college students as your main target. The needs of rapid translation result is needed by many students to finish their assignments at the college or university. Some local companies are often require a translator to run their business. This is a great opportunity for the translator to begin with.

    Some people said that become a translator might need good standard of foreign language capability and have been officially declared as “sworn translator” by the government and you need a certificate which nationaly recognized. If you are sure of your competency and ability to start the business as translator, you don’t have to think about those complicated things. The customer might need those credentials, but there are so many potential customers out there that did not talk about those things. You just offer the customer the service of translating language, finish the order, and get paid. Its simple just like that.
  4. Website Maker
    This is the most interesting side job that is available for every one these days. The job done can be very easy for website experts with high capability of the internet technology, and IT management system. Is that true and correct? The answer might be depending on the customer themselves. From this simple point, the customer is the king due to they have the right to order any kind of websites for makers to design. Being a website designer or maker will be one of the top wanted side job that would love to be committed by young people nowadays.

    If you have basic internet knowledge as background, love internet technologies and marketing techniques, then you don’t have to be an IT expert to start business as website maker or homepage designer for customer. You simply need a good quality computers and its accessories like printer and many others including scanner, hosting and domain providers, and good promotion, then you can get many customers here.

    The price of standard website is vary according the level of difficulties that needed. The most complicated features of a website needed by the customer, the higher revenue and payment that a website maker can get. The average price of a standard website for customers range from Rp.2.000.000,- (two million rupiahs) to Rp.10.000.000,- (Ten Million Rupiahs). Once you have promoted your website to the world, maximizing your website , then you just wait the incoming visitors back to your website, and see what happens.

The system of order can be done with a deal among website maker and customer. The website maker could provide a website as the customer required, and finish the website for the customer to continue. What I mean here is that the website maker create a website and the customer continue to edit, upload and maintain the website. To become a website designer or maker is quite simple if you know the way out and good basic knowledge on how to start with.

There are still another side jobs that you might find interesting. Some other jobs are fFshion makers , Car wash business , gift and present wrap services, laundry services , Gasoline Retailer , Printing and Name Card Business , Car Rental, Cyber Cafe , House moving services , Store or mini market , and many other interesting business for employee that is open wide now and ready to be there for you to grab. There are so many ways of getting some other financial resources out there, outside of your office, that can be done at home and or at any places in anytime you feel like to,

Those kinds of side job I have mentioned above just simple examples of what possible job that is available to implement by working them at hone or at any spare times instead of your normal work as a staff or employee in a company. To star those business at home can be very fun and enjoyable due to you can arrange and set the job you like in every way. If you have planned to increase your financial income and revenue out of your salaries, those kinds of side job mentioned above could become your best solutions to overcome financial problems in life. What do you think? (Asep Haryono)

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