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Blog Walking, Why Not?

This time I would like to tell some personal experiences and information about "blog walking" as the primary theme of this article. Perhaps , some of you already understand what we mean by the "blog walking". For those who does not know what I mean about "blogging" and you can find the article here too.

If you want to get further information about the blogging activities, group and anything dealing with the blogging, then you can visit to blogspot web site as one of the most powerful and commonly use blog platform on the universe. You can find such information right now every where in Google. You could have read about the blogging here also, and then you can read what to write during posting to your blog is also available here either.

Today, people would love to travel from one blog to another in one single day or just doing the same thing in the following day after. Well, there is no obligation for you to visit one blog a day if they can make you feel bore doing it. Unfortunately in the system of Google Algorithm can detect your activity in visiting to other blog can be measured as "very active" IP for better page rank in the system of the Google. Traveling to someone else' blog a day and leave your comments to the blog can be detected as promotional activities.

Please be assure of the activities in blog walking can not be associated as "spamming" especially when you are leaving worse comments by using many bad worst or just leaving your URL address for those website or blogs by which can not be tolerated by their administrator.

  1. Make A Priority
    We are very busy almost every day, and we make value of our time greatly and perhaps some of us here do not much have time to visit many blogs for one day. Is it necessary for us to visit many blogs a day just to make a comment or make your website or blog can be crawled easily by the Google system?.

    Traveling to one blog a day or even more ones can be a good sign of promoting your website or blog for a good page rank and get good points from the Google System, but please do so wisely and with good preparations. Just simple select the category of the main theme or content of the blog you would like to read. Select any blog which can give you more information and knowledge
  2. Leave Good Comments
    It is common for visitors or blogger to leave any comment to the blog. If you have read some articles or information from any blog, it is a good idea for you to leave good quality comments. This is very important for other blogger or the website owner that you are pleased to visit theirs and enjoying reading the article out of the "hurry" impressions on leaving the comments.

    When you are writing some comments on the blog, please read the articles slowly and very carefully. The website or blog owner will be very happy when they knew that you read the articles completely and give the comments with relate ideas to the contents of the blog. They will certainly appreciate your comments and this can be a good sign of leaving good back link for your blog in return.
It is a good idea for you to read just a little bit about the article of the blog you are visiting to. The website owner or blog writer will be more appreciated when they are reading good quality comments in their blog. The content of the comments you are writing should be relevant or relate to the topic or the articles of the blog themselves. Just avoid the worse comments or just a comment without reading the articles. Your comments will be more appreciated if the the contents of your comments is related to the topic.

They can easily delete or remove your illegal action of leaving your comments whit your URL address with your words. Visiting to other website can be a good thing to implement standard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which result your good page rank even better. When you are doing this blog walking , and just do it wisely and ask the permission when you would like to give comment if necessary. Happy Blog Walking ya (Asep Haryono)


  1. Agree.. blogwalking is very important to strengthen the frenblogship among bloggers :)

  2. thanks your post, i agree too :D


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