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Paid Online Services

Internet as one of the best solutions to bridge the gap between natural context and free online community often to be called as “instant” way of exposing ideas. What I mean here is about exposing and expressing our ideas online through several networks which can be very difficult to achieve instead of using free online services. As the topic today that I would like to discuss about the services provided by advertisers and vendors to be purchased by their user or customer that be called as “paid services” in Google world

What do you know about paid services?. Why do you think that you have to keep on using paid services instead of using free ones?. Why do you have to pay for their paid services while we still can use the free ones?. What is the main differences between paid and free services in terms of internet communities thesedays?. What is the bad or good impact for business and invidual goals dealing with those paid services instead of using free ones. Now I would like to discuss those questions this time.

More Sophisticated
One of the advatagoues when we are using the paid services is a guarantee for us , as user or customer , to get covered from disappearing or corruptiong of the files on them through their servers. What I mean here is that by using paid services, you don’t have to worry about the posibillity of lossing information and data lost. The hosting provides good guarantee of taking care of your data and informations stored in their server. For example is about using paid domain and hosting. You could have used the paid services instead of using free ones

I still remember when I am still using free hosting and domain services from Geocities web server. Perhaps some of you knew this name very familiar due to its facilities are like any open source, and many people using the facilities for free. Tine goes by, and finally I found out that the Geocities web servers is ni longer exist. I have bad experiences with this free hosting which causing many lost of my information including photos and personal information.

Well Trained Techinal Support
Do you have a facebook account or in a blog one? I do, but have you ever used their contact form or help issue button to ask for assistances or help when you are having problems or difficulties in using their services? I noticed that those free services on the internet just like “the forest” and lots of thinsg available for free and you will be trained to be “alone” when facing the same problem. Using Forum is not always giving solutions to those problems.

Are you using free email server something like hotmail? Did you understand in using their tools? Did they response very quickly when you are asking the questions of their services. Just like in Google Adsenses who respon in banning and blocking very quickly for those who breaks their terms of services.

I never ask those qestions to certain free services and some people think that this kind of giant bot without answering your questions. If you purchase any kind of paid services such as RumahWeb and Google Adwords, then you will bve provided many kind of information. You can even get paid to post starting from this simple kind of idea.

Another good exanple is using paid services both domain and hosting all together , such as rumahweb productions caming from Jogjakarta, central Java. If I have question about how to change the banner that used by free template I am using, then I will not probably get any anwser to my question or even get ignored with them instantly. Keep on posting good content in your blog or website all the time, okay?

So that will be all for now

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