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Feel like Celebrity

Hello all. This is the first time in my life that I am so confuse to decide the catagory of this personal blog of mine. To be honestly, there is lots of opportunity to write down many good topics and interesting ideas according to myself, not with business goals itself. I involved with several paid reviews business which you might find interesting such as SponsoredReviews, Blogsvertise and many other wonderful and proven paid reviews site on the internet. Most of those proven paid reviews requested the honest information of your website or blog content or catagory. Each relevan catagory will receive many opportunities or task dealing with the content of your blog or website too.

General Ideas
Basically, the blog of mine here discussing all things in this life, and I cannot decide the general theme or catagory of this blog at the same time. The most important for me is just blogging and writing anytime that crossing in my mine that's all about. If you insist me to decide the catagory of this website, I could probably mention "general" things however I often write down many certain topics such as celebrity hobbies, adsense, movie reviews , politics, food and many other interesting topics according to myself.

That is why I decide to write this posting to all of you. I would be pleased to introduce a new era of this blog to go and hope the world will recognize this blog is worth to my efforts to make this blog is internationally recognized. Sometime I am confusing to the audience or reader of this blog for many reasons.

English Language
The most valuable information that I got from the video I have watched from marketing expert from the blogsvertise a few days ago that the blog can be a good communication tools to bridge between advertiser and blogger. This is a good chance for every one to make money or earning money to grab. Do you like money like I do?. I think not every one loves money, but basically all of us here need them so much.

I have planned to decide this thing according to myself. I love blogging and writing anything I want inside my personal blog here and I hope every thing is doing according the plan. My readers now is able to use English, and most of them understand every thing I wrote in my blog, so I will not worry about it again. I would love to write this blog in Bahasa Indonesia, our national language, because of I am Indonesian, and proud to be. For me myself, to be honestly , I have to think over and over again before I decide to use English as main language of this blog at sometime in the future. The two reasons are:

  1. Internationally Recognized
  2. Moneytizing Blog
  3. Get many friends abroad
  4. Improve English
  5. Scholarship

The above reasons will always cross in my mind that make myself so confident to use English as main language of this blog. I would love to post further and tell you more details of the above reasons why I use English language for this blog in the future. I would love to tell you once again in some other time all reasons I have mentioned above. Making our self get good branding and get internationally recognized for me is unforgettable monent due to I love friends from abroad, and my English is very useful for this goal for some other logical reasons.

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