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Boost Your Page Rank With Simple way

Do you have any website or personal blog just like mine now? What sort of things that you already did to boost your page rank or your blog popularity so far? By visiting to others website and leaving your comments with your URL at the bottom there?

Or you just simply send your friends from your friend list and tell them your personal website with the URL of yours in it?. Did you print the URL or your website or blogs with name cards, letters , newsletters, snail mail or anything that could possible increase the page rank of google for your website?. Well , what I have mentioned above are the right things to do in order to get a good in fluent for your performance to able to be crawled by the Google. Is that enough?

A good page rank is one of the best way to make your personal website or blog to be very easy to be crawled by the Google web spider and detecting them to be placed in good position at their page rank. The good page rank will be very useful especially for those who wants to get good traffic and also good visitors to keep coming back to your website and blog. This is a good step of increasing your earning from your ads performance.

For those whose membership is registering to any Paid To Click (PTC) programs such as Google Adsense, Chitika, AdBrite and some local ads providers like Adsense Camp, Kumpul Blogger, PPC Indo and many others, a good traffic or visitors will be your chance of earning better and better.

So is there any good way of increasing your page rank with your own experiences? Just tell me and tell others here. We can learn each other together

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