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Saya seorang KangGURU Champion

Para Pengunjung Website saya di mana saja berada...
Champion adalah sebutan dari KangGURU Indonesia kepada warga Indonesia yang sudah menyumbangkan tenaga, pikiraan dan sumbangsihnya dalam memupuk hubungan persaudaraan yang erat antara Pemerintah Indonesia dan Pemerintah Australia dalam bentuk Kemitraan Indonesia-Australia (Indonesia Australia Partnership). Dalam menjalankan aktfitasnya di Indonesia para champion ini tidak mendapat bayaran sama sekali. Para Champion adalah sukarelawan (Volunteer) yang "bekerja" sesuai arahan dan guideline dari KangGURU Indonesia yang berpusat di Denpasar Bali,.

Setiap bulan para perwakilan KangGURU Indonesia, Champion , ini memberikan laporan berkala kepada KangGURU Indonesia, dan hampir setiap tahun para perwakilan KangGURU Indonesia ini berkumpul di Bali. Tepatnya berkumpul di markas KangGURU Indonesia yang berpusat di Gedung Indonesia Australia Languagre Foundation (I/A//L/F) jalan Sesetan Denpasar Bali.

Saat ini di Indonesia baru ada 7 (tujuh orang) Champion yang ditunjuk oleh KangGURU Indonesia yakni Saptari Wibowo (Medan), Suryadi Ningrat (Madura) , Keyko Sri Rahayu (Semarang), Rini Pudya (Jakarta), Fadil (Mataram) , Syahrir Badulu (Makasar) dan saya sendiri Asep Haryono (Pontianak). Sedangkan KangGURU Indonesia sendiri mendapat sokongan dana penuh dari pemerintah Australia melalui AusAID Jakarta

Perhaps there were some big questions about us. Who are we?. What are we supposed to do in Indonesia?. Why only Seven people so far?. Well, those questions need to be answered. Who are we?. Yes, We are the Seven young people who contributed and assisted KangGuru Indonesia to spread its program and promoting KangGURU programs across Indonesia.

We have been selected from thousands of people in Indonesia whose actively contributions for KangGuru Indonesia through KangGuru Indonesia magazine which published all across Indonesia four times a year ; March, June, September and December. I have seven years experiences in the KangGURU Magazine before I was awarded as official KangGURU Representatives in March, 2007. Most of those Seven KGI Representatives are working in a various of positions such English Interactive radio presenters, English Teachers and also private sectors employees.

We are the 7 champions are :

1. Saptari Wibowo (Medan - North Sumatera)
2. Suryadi (Madura)
3. Fadel (NTB - Lombok)
4. Syahrir Badulu (Makasar - South Sulawesi)
5. Ririn Pudya (Jakarta - Kediri)
6. Keyko Sri Rahayu (Semarang - Central Java)
7. Asep Haryono (Pontianak - West Kalimantan)

What are we supposed to do in Indonesia?. Well. We have many work to be done in our area such as promoting KangGuru programs at schools, English Clubs, and also helping and assisting KangGURU Radio programs at RRI in our provinces with suggestions, and ideas. We are also asked to find new Local radios to join KangGURU together to broadcast KangGURU Programs once a week. KangGURU radio programs here Pontianak can be heard at RRI Pro 2 FM (101,8 Mhz) On Sunday afternoon at 16.00 WIB once a week and RRI Sintang (96,6 Mhz) every Saturday at 16.30 WIB once a week too.

However most of the KangGURU Representatives were supported by KangGURU for their operational tools and other supported materials, they are volunteer workers originally. Yes, we are indeed volunteer workers. KangGURU never pays us with money, and this is absoluley not part of their normal work. Why only Seven KGI Representatives so far?. The answer is yes for this time. KangGURU Indonesia doesn't have primary target to increase their official volunteer workers to assist them in this way.

Each of us ,those Seven KGI Representatives , make a monthly report to KangGuru Indonesia in a regular basis. The reports of each KGI representatives in their areas, and the reports might usually be accompanied with photos taken or just simple reports with standard format that has been approved by KangGuru. Unlike Stringer from the Voice of America (VoA), this KGI representatives is not a job, and we donot get any paid at all from the KangGURU Indonesia. As I told you before that most of the work to be done are free of charges and we are really volunteer workers. We hope that people will understand our position and be pleased to work together with us by providing some information we need.

If you have something in your mind about our work, and KanGURU overal projects in Indonesia, please don't be hesitate to contact the Project Manager of the KangGURU Indonesia, Mr Kevin Dalton, based at Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF) Denpasar, Bali.

Kevin Dalton
Project Manager KanGURU Indonesia
PO Box 3095, Denpasar, 80030
Bali, Indonesia
+62 361 225243

As the overal development project of the KangGURU Indonesia in conjunction with Indonesia Australia Partnership in this way, this event will probably the last CGM meeting and there might be no longer CG Meeting anymore. One of the reasons is that by the end of 2009 the KangGURU Indonesia and Indonesia Australia Partnership (IAP) has agreed to hand over all projects to Pendidikan Nasional (National Education Department) of the Republic of Indonesia.

Ok sampai Jumpa ya...

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