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The Role of Media In Preventing HIV AIDS Epidemic in Indonesia

As far we know that, currently, the distribution of HIV AIDS in Indonesia has been increasing very quickly since many years ago. The information of the actual number of HIV AIDS cases in this country has reached about 20.000 by the end of March. The first rank of those HIV AIDS victims are from productive ages between the age 15- 39 years old. People who living with HIV AIDS existed more than 80 percents of those total 20.000 victims. Those number were out of reflecting the total amount of actual HIV AIDS holders. The phenomenon of “ice mountain” which might be worst than appearing in those number which might be bigger. This might be possible due to the number of people who lived with that deadly virus were not easily detected.

We are realized that Indonesia is facing very diverse HIV epidemics across the country including in West Kalimantan. There were lots of media and Information. and communication technology as well which giving us more opportunity to suggest people to stay healthy and healthy living. The media might be in the form of printing, digital and paperless format might have been used by the government to work together with National Family Planning Board or in Indonesia called “Badan Keluarga Berencana Nasional) to suggest people to keep healthy.

The question might arise here; how far those Media community could contribute positively to suggest the people to stay healthy living from HIV AIDS in Indonesia?

Suggestion To Change
One of our important dreams is providing information for every one to access without paying , and the information should be useful. The development might be changing but the spirit and emotional value could be developed by their participation into the development of the country. Building national awareness toward all national disaster, for example, could be developed through media. Through media, the people of Indonesia could participate in supporting others and helping each other by donating their financial assistances to those unlucky ones.

Many victims fallen during Merapi eruption in Jogjakarta, Central Java. There were more than 400 people died in Tsunami Disaster in Mentawai, Padang, West Sumatera. The information on those terrible national disaster could be accessed by every one. This might be possible with Media as the most affordable news resources for the people. We can read and follow the development of victim identification, distribution of food program , and disaster recovery efforts that have been carried on through the media

The government of the republic of Indonesia had many strategic series of development to advance the national achievement. Regarding those national disaster happened in Indonesia, it is also provide a better way in strengthening strategic information to guide a more effective HIV/AIDS response in Indonesia. The information from the government will be able to be understood by the people through media as they can use the media as a bridge to deliver general policies that should be known by its people. The media plays very important and strategic efforts to change the life of the people. Changing a life is might be possible thing to be done , but changing society bad behaviors and attitude needs consciousness which might be influenced by public opinion developed by the media.

The strategic information that have been covered as biggest responsibility by the media might be in the form of following components: (1) The information on HIV surveillance, which includes surveillance of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and behavioral surveillance; (2) The information on HIV/AIDS estimation and projection all across Indonesia; (3) The information on monitoring of essential interventions linked with health sector responses (antiretroviral therapy, counseling and testing, preventing mother-to child-transmission, preventions in most-at-risk populations, etc); and the last is (4) The Information on HIV drug resistance surveillance and monitoring

The community and people have the right to access the information, as the bridge of the information, the role of media in preventing HIV AIDS distribution into account now. We cannot deny there were numbers of participation from the community to help the government to spread the information about HIV AIDS transition period. Without working together with the Media, it was really very difficult for the government to deliver the development message to the people of Indonesia. The problem might be around in every provinces in Indonesia regarding HIV AIDS epidemic and the plan to combat those HIV AIDS spreading will still a big question that need to be answered and the problem quality still remain crucial issues.

We believe, by strengthening and focusing the strategic information in the role of media in Indonesia will also give the opportunity in promoting the right response for controlling the diverse HIV epidemic in Indonesia since we believe nothing is impossible, nothing is hard, as long as it comes from the heart. The development messages that have been conducted by the government of Indonesia will be delivered by the media for the community and the society. The people of Indonesia will be obviously interested in being more involved in participating in the development of the country, state and nation.

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