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Protect Your Family from HIV/AIDS Virus

As we all know these days that the phenomenon of fallen people whose suffers from of their HIV AIDS distribution in the whole world have been increasing shapely. Those deadly virus attacked all segments of people which can not differentiate age, gender, sexual background and race of the people in this universe. We, as a united family at home , will also take those responsibility to avoid those HIV AIDS epidemic with every way whatsoever.

As a husband, he must do everything needed to protect his wife and children, from hazards such deadly disease. His wife and children must be protected absolutely. For example, a woman married to a drug addicted with HIV positive should be protected from the possibility to get infected too.

A wife could be infected with those HIV AIDS virus very easily from inresponsible husband or from uknown man without care. If her husband who have been infected with those HIV AIDS virus should be handle very carefully to avoid the virus reached her future children.

To explain about the danger of HIV AID virus should be done with carfefully and patiencly through good communication and socialization from very early age. It was understood that environmental education background and house environment of the people have a very dominant role in shaping the character of the children to reject drugs and HIV-AIDS prevention.

In the province of West Kalimantan menempati ranking ketujuh kasus HIV AIDS terbanyak se-Indonesia. Data hingga Juni 2010 menyebutkan secara berurutan, DKI (3740), Jabar (3710), Jatim (3540), Papua (2858), Bali (1747), Jateng (819) dan Kalbar (794). “Untuk Kalbar (794), setengahnya dari Singkawang. Kota Singkawang adalah prevalensi terbesar HIV AIDS di Indonesia, setelah Merauke,” tegas Budi. “PSK yang ada di Kota Singkawang 27 persennya sudah HIV positif,” timpalnya.

ranked seventh highest HIV-AIDS cases in Indonesia. From the latest information from Family Planning Board of The Republic of Indonesia can we get the conclusion that several cities have been dealing with HIV AIDS cases. Those cities are Jakarta (3740), Jabar (3710), East Java (3540), Papua (2858), Bali (1747), Central Java (819) and West Kalimantan (794). The biggest HIV AID prevalence in West Kalimantan has go to Singkawang city by which 27 percentage of those women already infected by those deadly HIV AID virus

There are several ways of distributions of those deadly HIV AID virus that we already engaged since many years ago. Those danger of HIV could be transmitted through parentral systems such as blood transfusion, needle operation, sexual intercourse, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and also for open wounded which possibly infected with HIV virus.

To control and evaluate the distribution of those deadly HIV AIDS only can be avoided with several ways that we already knew before. Some commons action can be committed by all people all across Indonesia very easily such as safe sex and loyal to the legitimate spouse campaign and using condoms. The usage of clean and sterile needles, universal precaution, and also controling the quality of blood products, and to conduct prevention of transmission to the fetus and infant. For West Kalimantan province, from the data taken from West Kalimantan Provincial Social Welfare during the period of 2002 to August 2010, the number of HIV-AIDS victims in Singkawang has been reached 507 people.

Some of those HIV AIDS victims are 396 man and 111 women. We have to be careful to find out another 5000 uknown victims that cannot be easily detected. We need to do some actions to provent another fallend victims of those deadly HIV AIDS virus and we do not want to see another thousands of HIV AIDS victioms due to those virus will spread in every way

If someone got infected with those deadly HIV AIDS virus, and they have to be suffered for the whole life. Once exposed, a lifetime will be affected. This is posible due to the virus is actually not dead. We have to recommend good life with healthy living to all people so that people can produce good family far away from the virsu. We all need to invite all people in the community and society to do many efforst to conduct healthy campaign to raise public awareness of the threat of serious dangers of HIV AIDS.

The spread understanding of the ins and outs of drugs and HIV AIDS, should be done equally to all levels of society. This danger will threaten anyone, regardless of the person’s social status. Therefore, prevention campaigns and mitigation must be performed continuously, in language easily understandable by ordinary people. The information on how to protect family from HIV AIDS virus should be given in correct ways and the good approachment should be done firmly to all people all across the country due to this deadly HIV AID virus can attack everyone. The campaign of HIV AIDS information should be delivered in prespectively organised and the usage of the language which can be understood by all people in the community.(Asep)

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